Deputy seen in video moments before shooting girlfriend, himself –

Deputy seen in video moments before shooting girlfriend, himself


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – A woman shot Oct. 12 by a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office detective who later shot herself to death, told investigators she said: you treat worse than a dog, "moments before firing his weapon, according to documents published on Friday.

Surveillance video made public by the Boynton Beach police shows the moment of fury and terror that ended with Yuly Solano seriously injured, and Michael DeMarco dead on the asphalt of the Inlet Harbor Club condominium complex.

In the video, DeMarco, dressed in the sheriff's uniform and driving the unmarked sheriff's car, approaches Solano while walking his dog, Coco, in the Federal Highway complex. He then pulls out his service weapon and shoots him once in the arm and twice in the chest before collapsing and placing the gun on his head.

In a hospital bed conversation with detectives on November 8 – apparently the first time I could talk to the seriously wounded woman. Solano also said that they had ended their relationship a few weeks before the shooting "because I was being racist and very possessive of her."

Solano also told detectives he had planned to file a formal complaint about DeMarco with the condominium board and property managers, but they had not heard before the shooting, according to the documents.


The interview is part of a pack of 65 material elements published on Friday. The Boynton Beach police published 160 pages of documents on November 6 and said the rest withdrew at that time because the police had not yet been able to interview Solano and therefore could not close the case.

The package published on Friday includes two videos provided by the managers of Inlet Harbor and taken from different angles.

A video that lasts 1 minute and 10 seconds shows Solano and his dog walking through the complex's parking lot north of Gateway Boulevard just after 8 am

DeMarco pulls up and gets out of his car. When Solano moves away from him, he follows him. The couple moves out of sight then Solano returns to the frame, retreating from Marco with his hand on his face. DeMarco's weapon enters the scene before him.

The video then jumps to Solano and DeMarco on the ground. Solano's dog jumps over DeMarco's body and the video ends. The Boynton Beach police said the video is how they received it and they say they did not edit it.

The other video, 22 seconds long, shows DeMarco approaching with his gun.

A spokeswoman for Solano's attorney, Gary Iscoe, who sued Inlet Harbor and her property manager on November 16, declined to comment on the videos or documents on Friday.

Just one or two minutes before shooting Solano, DeMarco calmed down and wasted 10 minutes over the phone with a colleague, according to other documents in the new reports. DeMarco had asked Congresswoman Claudia Palenzuela to support him in an eviction he was carrying out at 9:30 a.m. on the Military Trail, Palenzuela told the Boynton Beach police.

Solano told investigators on Nov. 8 that when DeMarco confronted her, she called a maintenance man, Robert Rozzero, who minutes earlier had spoken with DeMarco about the New York Yankees playoff game the night before. He said DeMarco fired the first shot into his chest, and he did not know if he had shot her again because the first shot had deafened her.

Rozzero, 48, said he saw DeMarco drive to Solano and go out and grab his arm. She watched it go and saw DeMarco shoot his gun. Rozzero and the manager of Inlet Harbor, who had not seen the shooting, called 911.

Officers arrived to find DeMarco in the back, wearing khaki pants, black boots and a black sheriff polo shirt embroidered with "D / S ". M. DeMarco. "" D / S "is" sheriff's deputy. "

His black-caliber Glock .40 pistol issued by the department was close to his body, DeMarco shot himself in the chest and temple right. They declared him dead at the scene and the officers covered him with a blanket.

Solano was about 4 feet away She was "screaming in pain and fear", a report said.

She told the officers she had Breathing problems, but she also told them to go to her apartment and check her "baby", her 18-year-old daughter, Aryana Baluja.

Baluja later told an officer that her mother had gone for a walk Coco, and heard four shots, she said as she looked out the window, saw the dog and saw DeMarco's car with the driver's side door open, "and she knew something was wrong."

Solano was taken to the Delray Medical Center The detectives arrived around 9:30 am and learned that Solano is I was being taken to surgery. Approximately 90 minutes later, the doctors told the detectives that he had been shot three times: one in the forearm and two in the chest. He was in a critical but stable condition and could not talk to the researchers.

Later, next to his bed, he nodded and scribbled some notes to Baluja, who was sitting holding her hand. But Solano was stunned by the medication and went in and out of consciousness.

Baluja told detectives that she and her mother lived in a different part of DeMarco's Inlet Harbor and met him there in May 2017. He invited them to dinner, and he and his mother later started a relationship.

For the first two months, she said, DeMarco was "a nice guy" who helped her drive and inspired her to pursue a career, even giving her a desk to help her. university studies Then, he said, DeMarco and his mother started arguing about "jealousy problems." When Solano spoke in Spanish with his parents in Peru, DeMarco got angry and asked what he was saying.

Baluja has so far declined, both directly and through its attorneys, several interview requests from The Post. She told the online news publication, in a story published on Tuesday, that three of her mother's ribs were broken and that parts of her lung had to be removed. She said that her mother's arm and vocal cords are also paralyzed, and that it was difficult for her to talk. But, she said that her mother is now walking.

"She is fighting," said Baluja on the website. "She continues to be positive."

Baluja also said that he had established a GoFundMe account to help offset his mother's medical costs while continuing his clbades at the university.

Solano's lawyers have threatened to sue the good Sheriff's Office, saying he could not care for or supervise DeMarco, whom they say was "clearly struggling with mental coercion and emotional problems," in a way adequate DeMarco spent more than two decades with the Sheriff's Office and always scored high on the badessments. To date, the Sheriff's Office has not commented.

In the reports, Deputy Sheriff Chuck Morris told the Boynton Beach police that DeMarco had told him a week before the shooting that he was breaking up with Solano and mentioned his legal fight over bedroom furniture. little amount on September 27.

DeMarco told Morris that Solano had believed that the items were a gift, but considered them joint property because he had planned to marry Solano. Morris said DeMarco told him he had gone through court "so he would not be accused of harbading or harbading phone calls."

Solano told a different story. She said that DeMarco had been so obsessed with their relationship. He had demanded that he go with him to look at the paint colors of his apartment. She said that after the separation, DeMarco had told her that she wanted to get the furniture back because she did not want him to "make another man sleep on the mattress he had bought for them." And she said that she thought DeMarco had scratched her name out of the mailbox in the lobby of the community clubhouse

In the report, Rozzero told the police that Solano had told him that DeMarco "had been constantly harbading her. calling his cell phone and sending emails first thing in the morning. " The phone calls went to the point that he had to lock his phone. "

He said after the couple separated, Solano asked him not to give DeMarco the key to his apartment if he asked her. Rozzero who might have to obtain a restraining order.

Owner badociation officer Riley Cooney told police that Solano had told him that DeMarco "was crazy." Cooney said he never saw the two of them argue in public

The detective checked Solano's phone and discovered "it seems that DeMarco's text messages had been deleted", except for some screenshots of a conversation The phone showed a text message from DeMarco's brother, Frank Dunkow, asking "what went wrong" between the two, Dunkow, 52, was arrested on federal fraud charges on October 12, the same day of the shooting.

Solano's lawyers have said he complained DeMarco's harbadment of both the condominium badociation and the administration office. Both the city police and the Sheriff's Office have said they have no record of Solano filing a formal complaint. And police reports released on Friday also said "Inlet Harbor was not informed of official correspondence or reports or harbadment."

Solano told the police that he had planned to report the incidents formally, but that he "had no opportunity."

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