Department of Education to limit the scope of civil rights investigations in schools


The Department of Education is considering changing the way civil rights investigations are conducted in schools.

Currently, investigations into complaints of discrimination in schools go beyond the specific incident of discrimination and look for possible "systemic" or institutional problems that lead to civil rights in the first place. The education department could change that so that future surveys focus on the main complaint.

The proposed change, which was revealed in a document obtained by The Associated Press, removes the word "systemic" from the guidelines on how to sound civil rights violations.

Advocates of discrimination told the AP that the change could allow the continuation of the same generalized conducts that lead to investigations in the first place.

The policy change was included in a draft of new policy proposals, and a final version of the policies will be published next year, AP reported.

Another proposed change would allow the department to negotiate agreements with schools or school districts without disclosing the results of an investigation to students and parents involved in complaints of discrimination.

Education experts told the AP that the change would also leave parents out of the process and give them less opportunity to advocate for their children. 19659002] These policy changes occur when the Department of Education streamlines policies in the midst of an entire administration effort to reverse regulations that are deemed unnecessary.

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