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Deontay Wilder explores … himself

Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0-1, 39 KOs), after his game tied with Tyson Fury in December, fights Dominic Breazeale on May 18 on Showtime. So we had an anonymous trainer evaluate Wilder, then let Wilder respond.

COACH: Deontay Wilder is the rare fighter endowed with a single blow. Unfortunately, it is only his right hand.

WILDER: The right hand, of course, has the maximum power. But it's the way I set it up. That is the blow you see that takes them out. The left brings the damage too. It can knock you out too. Trust me.

COACH: He is athletic and tall with good reach, but he tends to fight within reach of his opponent instead of using his length.

WILDER: I am one of the few tall guys who will come down to your height. I'm so athletic! I do that because I use different styles. I am never one way. People think I'm doing it because it's just my style. No no no. I'm doing things for a reason. They do not understand what they see.

COACH: His run of knockout has prevented him from becoming the great fighter he could be. In addition, its lack of weight and strength allows larger opponents, such as Tyson Fury [Wilder and Fury fought to a controversial draw on Dec. 1], to put on him.

WILDER: I can count on a hand how many times I have overtaken my opponent in my professional career. People have in mind that you must have some weight. I denied it years ago. The weight adds to the speed [of the punch], but the technique, the fast contraction muscles, the synchronization and the positioning of your hands work together. Boxing is a true science. That's why I can knock down a boy [Fury] 50 pounds or more more weight than me.

COACH: Dominic Breazeale [21-0, 18 KOs] it is a category below the elite level, and Wilder will stop him in the last third of the fight.

WILDER: I'm going to go in there and destroy it. And I'm in a sport that allows you to do it. He is going to renounce himself. It will be by choice or by force.

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