Denver Nuggets ‘Michael Porter Jr.’ Stopped Criticism, Clutch 3 Hit in Game 5

After finding himself in a flurry of criticism following his Game 4 postgame comments, the Denver Nuggets stepped into Game 5 on Friday night to beat rookie Michael Porter Jr.’s biggest shot of the game, forcing a Game 6 Played an important role in. Shear.

With the Nuggets with two remaining 1:11 left, Porter caught the ball on the ball and – despite not yet getting a shot and it was only his third attempt of the game – he pulled it up and drilled to give it to Denver. Done a five-point lead.

The Nuggets defeated the Clippers 111-105 for a 3-2 draw in the Seven-Western Western Conference Semifinal Series at Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

“What you love about Michael, whether he is his youthful inexperience or not really understanding the horrors of the situation, is his supreme confidence,” said Nuggets coach Mike Malone. “The man is a tireless worker. He is a gym rat. And for every shot he participates in a game, he has thousands of delegates in a practice gym. So what does it say that he has confidence in himself, we have There is confidence. In him, and maybe we couldn’t find him, he didn’t take many shots before that, but every time the kid shoots the ball, I think it’s going in. “

Porter scored seven points in 23 minutes on 1-minute shooting. He came in with a clutch block on center Ivica Zubac and hit two clutch free throws in the closing seconds.

Porter said, “My offense was not really tonight, but for me, I just don’t want to be an offensive player.” Like you said, I get criticized many times for my defense, but this is an area that I Want to improve. ”

But it was Porter’s Clutch 3 that put the Nuggets in a position to close on favorable Clippers for a 16 point comeback.

“Everyone knew it wasn’t the best shot selection, but some made me shoot it, so I shot it,” Porter said smiling. “It was really a goddamn thing. It was a clutch shot, but I’m glad I could help my team, in the last few minutes, come up with that dub.”

After Game 5, in which Porter scored 15 runs in the first half, but was largely absent at the offensive end in the second half, the miscreants voiced their lack of touch with the ball. His comments attracted media and active players’ response, including Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard Tweeted his disapproval.

“I kinda said try to stop me. Everything I have said – I stand by what I say. And I didn’t mean anything in a derogatory way or anything like that,” Porter. he said. “Coach and my teammates, they all know. We talked as a team. Everyone who came in today was on the same page. But Dame and those friends, I respect all those people – Especially those superstars who are talking to a youth. ” A man like me You want to hear You do not want to have an ego and think that you are always right. So I told the people what I took, and I heard it. Everyone has his opinion, but he was blocked. Before today, and everyone was on the same page. ”

Malone said the Nuggets addressed Porter’s postgame comments before Game 5 and acknowledged that those things were better placed within the locker room.

“, During the playoffs, the last thing you want is any kind of distraction, and if those frustrations are for Michael, or anyone, it’s better to keep those conversations internal, locker, and in-between. , “Malone said.

The Nuggets’ season was climbing well over the ropes in the third quarter as the Clippers gained a 16-point lead, with all sides in their favor. Veteran Paul Millsap drove a mini-run to close out the third, keeping Denver close and setting up a fourth-quarter push from Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

Although Millsap was the spark, the veteran sat out the entire fourth quarter as Porter closed out the game. Malone said he intended to return to Millsap, but with the group on the floor playing together, he decided to roll it out.

It was a similar situation that the Nuggets faced in their opening-round series against the Jazz when they lost 3–1. In Game 5 of that series, Utah led by 15 in the third quarter, before Denver began its series return by beating the Jazz 61–36.

Malone said after Game 4 against the Clippers that his team could draw on the experience of coming back against the Jazz where winning more than Game 5 was unnoticed.

“We’re not going home yet. We haven’t gone fishing yet. We’re going to play a game number 6 and try to advance this series and win it,” Malone said. “I know everyone is excited about the Lakers playing the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals, but we are hoping to say something about it.”