Denon celebrates 110 years with four new anniversary products

Everyone especially loves the anniversary of consumer electronics companies. This month we’ve already seen loudspeaker makers Bowers & Wilkins celebrating their 25thTh The anniversary of the company’s 6000 series loudspeaker, now it is Japan’s oldest audio maker, Denon.

Dannon has taken 110 years to make his first gramophone player and since then, the venerable company has produced a full range of the audio industry. The name Denon was derived from the Japanese words Denki and Onkyo, meaning electric sound, and sound is what Denon does best. From producing the first PCM audio recorder to the latest 8K AV receiver in the early 1970s, Dannon has been a trailblazer in developing new audio technology. To celebrate 110 years, Denon has announced four new anniversary products.

Dannon AVC-A110 AV Amplifier

The flagship AVC-A110 13.2-channel 8K AV amplifier supports all popular 3D sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, DTS: X Pro, IMAX Enhanced, Auro-3D. As well as others. The AVC-A110 is tuned for premium sound and features an all-black interior, housed in a limited-edition silver-graphite case with aluminum front and side panels, custom di-cast feet and improved Copper transformer plate for isolation.

With support for 8K / 60Hz pass-through or incoming, 4K / 120Hz pass-through gaming, and the latest HDMI specifications – the AVC-A110 ensures owners will be assured of compatibility with other 8K components in the future. Gamers will be pleased that the AVC-A110 features auto low latency mode (ALM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and quick frame transport (QFT) to reduce lag and latency while eliminating frame tearing for more fluid gameplay. ) is.

Denon claims that the AVC-A-110 produces a lifelike cinematic experience thanks to its monolithic amplifier design powered by a mass transformer of 8.2 kg delivering up to 150 watts per channel. There are eight HDMI inputs and three outputs, including a dedicated 8K input with the latest Dynamic HDR standard. EARC HDMI provides uncompressed and object-based audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS: X to connect directly to the AVC-A110 from a smart TV app.

Dane has also included Multi-Room Entertainment with HEOS Built-in music can be played around the home for other HEOS-compatible speakers, as well as devices that support Apple AirPlay. There is support for a whole load of popular music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music HD, TIDAL, Deezer and more. Users can also perform hands-free control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri Voice Agents.

PMA-A110 integrated amplifier

The second Denon product to celebrate Denon’s 110th anniversary is the PMA-A110 integrated amplifier. This high end amplifier is powered by Danone’s Ultra High Current Topology at 80 Den per channel 8Ω. Engineers at Danone have designed the circuitry with frequency response up to 100-kHz during applied use. The PMA-A110 can handle a range of Hi-Res digital sources for two PCM1795 chips operating in a differential mode for highest accuracy and best signal-to-noise ratio. The PMA-A110 also uses Denon Ultra Al32 processing, an advanced technology that processes digital sources and smooths the waveform so as to be closer to the original signal.

Users can connect a range of analog and digital sources to an amplifier including a vinyl turntable. The Phono PrimeP is compatible with stage moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges and also has jitter-suppressing coaxial, optical or USB-B inputs to handle digital sources. Denon expects the PMA-A110 to appeal to audiophiles who want a statement amplifier for a modern audio system with analog and digital sources.

DCD-A110 SACD Player

Denon has also announced the flagship SACD player of the limited edition DCD-A110. DCD-A110 can record CDs and SACDs, as well as DSD files and Hi-Res audio files to DVD-R / RW and DVD + R / RW discs in 192-kHz / 24-bit. Users can also play music files on CD-R / RW disks with recorded frequencies up to 48kHz.

The DCD-A110 SACD player is built like a cosmic tank and uses premium materials such as copper plate for the top panel, die-cast aluminum for the disc tray and 2-millimeter thick steel for the mechanism bracket. Due to the high-mass, vibration-resistant properties of these materials, the vibration caused by the spinning disk is eliminated so that digital data can be read from the disk with high levels of accuracy.

The DCD-A110 has a new quad DAC configuration that converts data with 32x oversampling of incoming PCM signals. The DCD-A110 has carefully selected custom-tuned components for better sound quality. There are two clock oscillators, one for each sampling frequency (44.1-kHz and 48-kHz), which can be switched between frequencies to eliminate digital panic.

The limited-edition SACD player also has a fully independent power supply for digital and analog circuits to cut interference and noise. The player’s power supply is built using custom parts such as high power bipolar junction transistors, a fully discrete voltage regulator circuit, high quality electrolytic capacitors and polyphenylene sulfide capacitors.

DL-A110 phono cartridge

The final 110 anniversary product is Denon’s new DL-A110 phono cartridge. It is a premium moving coil design, handheld in Danone’s Shirakawa factory, Japan, as it was back in the 1960s when it was first introduced as a DL-103 cartridge. This Anniversary Edition Denon cartridge is the oldest product to carry the Danone badge and still uses the original headshell design initially developed by Denon when the stereo FM radio station first debuted in Japan, in the 1960s back into.

With a weight of just 6 grams, the DL-A110 silver-graphite headshell holds the cartridge securely in alignment, creating a detailed sound signature with extended low-frequency performance. The DL-A110 uses the same bayonet connector developed by SMEs for their toner.

Pricing and Availability: The AVC-A110, PMA-A110 and DCD-A110 will be available at authorized Denon retailers from October 2020. The final special edition product, the DL-A110 cartridge, will be available in November 2020.

AVC-A110 AV Amplifier $ 5,499 / £ 4,999 / € 5,500

PMA-A110 integrated amplifier $ 3,499 / £ 3,199 / € 3,500

DCD-A110 SACD Player: $ 2,999 / £ 2,799 / € 3,000

DL-A110 phono cartridge: $ 599 / £ 499 / € 599

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