Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie get married in a secret ceremony

The couple surprised everyone by eloping in Santa Barbara at a spa on June 2, People reports. “It was beautiful,” Quaid tells the publication.

The two got engaged last October.

They had originally planned to get married in Hawaii in April, and then hold a reception in Nashville shortly thereafter, but dropped those plans after the coronavirus pandemic hit.

For their escape, they invited their pastor as a witness, and the two exchanged traditional vows. They gave each other Bulgari rings.

“Just looking her in the eye, she was the most impressive girlfriend,” says Quaid.

The actor currently hosts the podcast “The Dennissance” via Audio Up. He and Savoie, a doctoral student, met at a business event and started dating in May 2019. “It was love at first sight,” he says. Quaid.

Savoie insists that “he has never met someone who is so in love with life. It is as if nothing could bring him down,” he says.

This is Quaid’s fourth marriage.

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