Denmark to remove all cultivated lakes on coronovirus mutations. News DW

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederickson on Wednesday landed all the mink in Denmark’s farms to reduce the risk of COVID-19 being re-transmitted to humans.

Friedrichsen quoted a government agency report that people tracking coronovirus in Denmark have discovered a mutation in the virus found in 12 people in the northern part of the country who became infected with mink.

She stated that the mutated virus was found to weaken its ability to form antibodies and could potentially render vaccines under development ineffective.

“Viruses mutated in mink may pose a threat to the effectiveness of future vaccines,” Fredrickson said at a press conference.

“It’s very serious,” he said. Thus, the virus mutated in mink can have devastating consequences worldwide. ”

Health Minister Magnus Hunnicke said that half of 783 human coronovirus cases in northern Denmark are related to mink.

The Minister of Food Mogens Jensen said that at least 207 farms were now infected, since last month 41, and the virus has spread to all of Jutland’s western peninsula.

Denmark’s home guards, police and defense forces are helping.

National Police Chief Thorild Fogde said that it should be “as soon as possible”. ”

Danamark Corona-Pandemi |  Nerz-Farm (Henning Bagger / Ritzau Scanpeaks / Picture Alliance)

About 15 million minks have to be rinse

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Millions of minks to be eaten

The government said the country’s estimated 15 million minks could be worth up to 5 billion kronor ($ 785 million, € 670). The government has promised to provide compensation to the farmers.

Authorities have called for the removal of infected mink herds since June due to frequent outbreaks on mink farms.

On 1 October, Denmark had already estimated one million animals on approximately 60 mink farms in northern Denmark following initial discoveries of COVID-19.

Denmark is the world’s largest producer of mink skin, producing an estimated 17 million furs per year.

Copenhagen Fur, a cooperative of 1,500 Danish breeders, accounted for 40% of world mink production. Most of its exports go to China and Hong Kong.

The Nordic country has recorded 50,530 coronavirus infections with 729 deaths.

MV / RC (AP, AFP, Reuters, DPA)


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