Demon & # 39; s Souls closes their servers online soon, loses multiplayer and more


The online functionality of Demon & # 39; s Souls will stop working early next year. Sony has announced that it is finalizing the online service for the PS3 game, which will remain playable, but without some of its most memorable components.

There are only three months left for the Demon & # 39; s Souls online services, since they will be closed at the end of February. "After 9 years of recurring deaths and frustrations, but like many dedication triumphs, Demon & # 39; s Souls' online servers will end on February 28, 2018," announced the official Dark Souls Twitter account .

Sony, which published the game in Japan, also shared the news on its website, claiming that online multiplayer (cooperative and invasive), leaderboards, roving silhouettes, bloodstains (left by other players) and tracks and messages written by other players will all disappear. The main game itself can be played offline, without the extra flavor provided by these features. A specific boss fight that involved fighting another player, Old Boss, will now also work differently.

Atlus, who published the game in North America, confirmed that this closure will also take place in the West. "It's with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to the service," he said on his website. "Countless players have enjoyed Demon & # 39; s Souls and the functionality he presented to players when such things were rarer."

Demon's Souls was originally launched in 2009. Developer From Software has developed follow-ups in the form of Dark The Almas and Bloodborne series, while the Ninja Ninja team was also inspired by the game. Originally, their servers went down in 2012, but they finally received what became an extension of five years. The PS3 game never reached another platform, but director Hidetaka Miyazaki said last year that a remake of Demon & # 39; s Souls could happen, which will not be developed by From Software.

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