Democrats walk out of briefing, saying they fear elections under foreign threat

House Democrats are warning that the integrity of the November elections is under significant threat from foreign actors – and the Trump administration, they say, is going out of its way to conceal the threat from the public.

Emerging from a lengthy, classified briefing with top administration officials in Capitol, a host of Democrats said they now have little confidence that going to the meeting will be safe from outside influence.

“I don’t feel comfortable about what’s going on,” the rep said. Steve cohenStephen (Steve) Ira Cohentexas Democrats proposes legislation requiring masks in federal law, Pelosi throws cold water to impeach Barr, Justice Department officials say the verdict has been politicized (D-Tenn.). “Very annoying.”

“Terrible briefing,” Rape said. Like ronRonald (Ron) James Kindbottom Line Coronovirus Culture War Reopens Economy Hits Capitol Hill GOP Expects to Overcome Obstacles in House Battle (D-Wis.).

The speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosidimokatas Rejects Short-Term Deal Ahead of Unemployment Deadline GOP Lawyer Complies with Pelosi’s Mask Mandate for House Floor Trump Tests GOP Loyalty with Election Tweet and Stimulus Strategy (D-California), with Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerChuck Schumerlinkall Project targets Senate race with Pelosi, Shemer in M ​​ad with Alaska, Maine, Montana, Schumer says GOP Senate Coronavirus bill is selling to working families ‘The Hills 12:30 Report’ – Facebook Submitted by – House Democrat MORE with bar performance (DN.Y.) and Democratic leaders of congressional intelligence committees, requesting a briefing in a July 13 letter to the FBI, citing a “targeted uniform foreign intervention campaign.”

In that campaign, he wrote, “disbanding and escalating dissolution to influence congressional activity, public debate and the presidential election in November.” They did not offer specifics.

Recently, the same four Democrats pressured the administration to issue a public statement informing voters of the election interference in November about the threat of elections.

Except for Friday’s briefing in the basement of the Capital Visitors Center, a frustrated Pelosi clarified that the request had been ignored, suggesting the administration was altering details of the intervention campaign for political reasons.

“I’m worried about whether the American people should be better informed,” Pelosi said.

“Leader Schumer and I wrote to him and told him to tell the American people the truth and for some reason they are stopping it,” he said. “That’s what I’m worried about.”

Among the officials of the administration conducting the briefing were Bill Ivanina, head of the National Counter-Defense and Security Center; Shelby Pearson, top election security officer of the intelligence community; Nikki Floers, Deputy Assistant Director at the FBI; Brad Benavides, Section Head on the FBI’s Foreign Impact Task Force; And Brandon Wells, Chief Strategic Officer of Cyberspace and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security.

None of those officials spoke to reporters afterwards.

The issue of election security and foreign arbitration – once a field of broad bipartisan consensus – has become highly politicized. President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump campaign buys to review strategy for cancell advertising message: responds to report that if he receives notice from Ukraine’s lawmaker for harming Biden poll, ‘General Z’ plurality of voters Say they watch Trump’s political ads more than Biden More., Who have sought to minimize the impact of Russian intervention during the 2016 campaign. The nation’s intelligence agencies have determined that Moscow aimed to sow American discord – and to motivate Trump to victory.

Calling Republicans to approve billions of dollars in emergency funding to run the election smoothly amid the coronovirus epidemic, Pelosi insisted on Friday morning that Russia is pushing it again in this election year.

Pelosi said, “We know that Russia is interfering in our elections again. The intelligence community has told us that what they have done in previous elections is continuing to behave and that other foreign governments may intervene as well.”

“So we need to protect our electoral system, and we have to give people a chance to choose how to vote – whether it’s a person or by mail.”

Rape Jan ShakowskiJanice (Jan) Danoff SchakowskyDemocrats introduces bill to revoke abortion ban abroad (D-Ill.) Said Democrats on Friday pressured administration officials to let the public know about the threat of interference – information “we believe the American people have about the integrity of our elections Should be strongly stated. “

He said he was reprimanded.

“I’m more discouraged about integrity [of the elections], ”Said Skakowski.

Cohen, the deputy chairman of the Judiciary Committee on the Constitution, was equally discouraged, saying the Congress could do little to force the administration of Congress.

“It’s mainly the decision of the executive. We make laws, we don’t make policy. We don’t hire people, fire people, tell people what to put in the report and what to do Should, “he said. “We are very limited in what we can do.”

Rape Adam shiffAdam Bennett to answer SchiffNunes if he reported damage to Ukraine’s lawmaker Biden Hillikan Valley: House panel grilled tech CEO during much-awaited antitrust hearing. House Intel panel extends access to foreign disinvestment evidence to make TikTok code public because it is against ‘misinformation’ House Intel committee votes to give all members access to foreign disinvestment evidence (D-California.), The head of the House Intelligence Committee declined to comment.


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