Democrats seized on GOP donor fallout

Democrats are seizing the results from donors distancing themselves from Republicans, with lawmakers and advocacy groups saying this is a rare opportunity to change fundraising rules and the impact corporations have on campaigns.

Progressives are intensifying calls to permanently end the contribution of the Corporate Political Action Committee (PAC), while liberal Democrats see an inauguration to win over business groups and leaders who have traditionally held Republicans Has thrown back a lot of his support.

Major corporate donors are freezing their PACs and assuring their strategy, while others say they won’t pay any money to the 147 Republicans who challenged the 2020 election results in Arizona or Pennsylvania last week The vote was done, hours after the attack of the dead. Capitol by Trump supporter crowd.

But some critics of campaign financing want the freeze to become permanent.

“A temporary suspension of contributions is not enough,” said Mike Tanglis, a research director at the Progressive Watchdog group Public Citizen. “These corporations cannot just wait for the dust to freeze and then resume business as usual. Our democracy cannot survive the next rebellion. “

Public citizens this week Called All corporations and business groups to cease their political spending operations and end their PACs permanently.

And Citizens United, a group that advocates overturning the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that met corporate campaign spending, said corporate politicians “made damaging rhetoric” in the wake of last week’s riots in the Capitol “Should not pay any attention to.

Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United, said, “The actions have consequences and we voted to reverse the will of the people after the Republicans attacked the Capitol last week as Trigoli.” .

Democrats in Congress have also acted to reverse the civil joint rule. His most recent push was in March, when the House passed HR 1, a broad bill that includes proposals for electoral reforms and greater campaign finance transparency. This measure was not done in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Other progressive groups are ramping up to achieve their pressure campaigns More major corporations 147 to end all political donations for Republicans, including top legislators such as the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthygop splits Liz Cheney’s future Democrats on whether Capitol rioters inside aid had suggested criminal charges to Pelosi for any jurist who helped with Capitol riot (California.).

Sen Sheldon whitehouseSheldon Whitehouse Senior Democrat says Hawley, Cruz should step down from judicial Hawley, Cruz may face anger, likely this week: Democrats barrels toward Trump impeachment after attack on Capitol (DR.I.) said that the renewed debate about corporate PAC is also highlighting the dangers of black money – funding to influence policy from an undisclosed source, bypassing public scrutiny to corporate donors Allows

“Is a well-developed, coordinated dark-money operation that has been active for years for climate refusal, court capture and political funding for the Republican Party. It is deeply undemocratic and ultimately dangerous, and it will be a top priority for Democrats to assure that government control is in the hands of the American people, where the Constitution puts it, not some secret black money. Donors, ”Whitehouse said in a statement to The Hill.

Other Democrats, however, see the recent funding crisis with the GOP as an opportunity to foster stronger ties with the business community rather than overhaul campaign finance laws.

Kristin Brakemere, director of PAC and government relations at the Nonpartisan Public Affairs Council, said the corporate backlash against Republicans could be a start for Democrats.

“Democrats have a chance right now to reconnect with the business community, and they would be wise to take it,” she said.

Moderate Democrats such as the Blue Dogs and New Democrat Coalitions, which are made up of pro-business Democrats, are seizing on the vulnerability of their GOP counterparts.

It is called corporate patriotism. No corporation or PAC should help terrorists – foreign or domestic – or the people who aid them and follow them, ”Blue Dog Co-Chair Stephanie MurphyThe Stephanie MurphyLagging World Newspaper Editorial Board apologized for supporting Republicans over their Texas lawsuit, raising the minimum distribution age required for US seniors. Tweeted earlier this week.

He later told The Hill that the GOP’s loyalty President TrumpDonald Trumpsea chief threatens to resign when pushed to establish Trump’s loyalist as deputy: Azar said in departure letter that Capitol riot threatens to ‘stigmatize’ administration achievements Justice Department argues That Trump should be immune from the rape accused’s trial. Has weakened its position in the business community.

“The Republican Party has regularly prioritized its loyalty to Donald Trump over the long-term economic prosperity and political stability of this country, and he will have to assimilate Trumpism in his party for years to come,” he said.

“Democrats have always been a party of opportunity, which is good for both workers and employers. If businesses support candidates who use devolution to eliminate democratic and capitalist norms, then these businesses are investing in their own demise. “

Newdem Action Fund Chair Brad schneiderBradley (Brad) Scott Schneider Hill’s Morning Report – Biden asked Congress to expand the largest relief response in American history. Hill’s Morning Report testing positive for Adriano Espaillat COVID-19 – How many Republicans will vote for Trump’s impeachment? more (D-Ill.) Stated that as a party, Democrats have always been more reliable when it comes to long-term development.

“We don’t believe in a mythology about how the economy works, and we haven’t been sold a big lie about the results of our election,” Schneider said.

Schneider said he is optimistic that Democrats can take the lead on pro-business and pro-development policies, especially when the presidential election Joe BidenIn the departure letter, which Beidenazar says, the capital threatens to ‘stigma’ the riot administration’s achievements. House Democrats introduce measures to Trudeau to oppose bomb sales on Saudis: retailing in latest sign of weak economy Fall | Fast-food workers strike for minimum wage | US officials express greater concern over operating energy permits to Mexico Assumes office.

“With Joe Biden president and the new Democrat coalition in a critical position in the House, the US is going to see such credible and common-sense pro-business and pro-growth policies that have been crying for the last four years. We are going to deal with the epidemic, modernize our infrastructure and restore American global leadership.

Some traditional GOP allies are also indicating a willingness to work with both Biden and congressional Democrats, at least on some issues.

The US Chamber of Commerce, the most powerful pro-business lobbying institution, on Thursday voiced its support for Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan, an early sign that the business community is ready for liberal Democrats like Biden.


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