Democrats reject short-term deal before unemployment deadline

Treasurer Steven MnuchinSteven Turner MnuchinDemocrats reject short-term deal before unemployment deadline Trump calls for action on new round of GOP loyalty, Shaoban, PPP debt with election tweet and incentive strategy MORE And White House chief of staff Mark meadowsMark Randall Meadow Democracy rejects a short-term deal before the unemployment deadline. Trump rejects GOP allegiance with election tweets and incentive tactics On Thursday night, Democrats declined a short-term deal as negotiators remained in loggerheads over the next Coronavirus relief bill.

“We proposed a short-term deal. And so far they have reiterated that they do not want to do that,” Mnuchin told reporters after a nearly two-hour meeting with the House Speaker. Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosidimokatas Rejects Short-Term Deal Ahead of Unemployment Deadline GOP Lawyer Complies with Pelosi’s Mask Mandate for House Floor Trump Tests GOP Loyalty with Election Tweet and Stimulus Strategy (D-California.), Senate Democratic Leader Charles SchumerChuck Schumerlinkall Project targets Senate race with Pelosi, Shemer in M ​​ad with Alaska, Maine, Montana, Schumer says GOP Senate Coronavirus bill is selling to working families ‘The Hills 12:30 Report’ – Facebook Submitted by – House Democrat MORE with bar performance (NY) and Meadows.

Mnuchin refused to say what the administration had offered during the meeting, which is the fourth time the group has met in several days. But meadows Later tweeted He offered “temporary expansion of essential unemployment assistance”.

“The proposals we made were not warmly received,” Meadows told reporters at the Capitol.

Trump and his chief indicated hours before the meeting that they were expecting Democrats to agree to a smaller deal on only two issues: unemployment benefits and withholding expulsion.

“I think maybe trying to solve the issue of increased unemployment, obviously,” Meadows said, when asked about the goal for the meeting. “And so we want to move forward … and address eviction provisions that expect people to be evicted from homes, at least at the end of the year on both of those things.”

Trump prohibited the eviction from the White House, saying, “We are asking Democrats to work with us to find a solution that would temporarily stop the expulsion.”

But any attempt to get a short-term or pending bill was guaranteed to be rejected by Pelosi and Schumer, who remained united throughout the day’s negotiations.

Democrats have repeatedly said they do not want a short-term deal or a small bill.

The $ 600 per week federal unemployment benefit comes as a deadlock ends on Friday. With the Senate leaving town by Thursday, and negotiators nowhere near the deal, they were all but guaranteed to miss the deadline.

Democrats who emerged from a closed-door meeting accused the White House of trying to deal with a piece that did not meet the crisis created by the spread of coronovirus that devastated the economy and caused more than 152,000 Americans Is killed, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

“We had a long discussion. And we don’t think they understand the seriousness of the problem. The bottom line is this is the most serious health problem and economic problem we’ve seen in a century and 75 years and it really takes. Schumer. Told reporters, good, strong bold action, and they do not get enough.

Asked if he made progress on anything in the meeting, Schumer said he talked about “parameters”. And Pelosi specified that he thought Meadows and Mnuchin “understand that we have a bill.”

“They just don’t know how big it’s going to be,” Pelosi said.

The four are expected to speak again on Friday, by phone and then on Saturday.

The meeting came after the Senate blocked Coronavirus-relief proposals on Thursday.

Sens. Ron johnsonRonald (Ron) Harold Johnsondecratus rejects short-term deal ahead of unemployment deadline: GDP virus shrinks from record amount in second quarter amid lockdown. Unemployment claims rise for second straight week McConnell overcame battle over unemployment benefits Health Care Night: The race for the vaccine poses challenging delivery challenges. Hotspot ease, but officials say a long way off | Birx recommend face shield with mask (R-Wiz.) And Mike braunMichael BraunDemocrats reject short-term deal before unemployment deadline on money: GDP virus shrinks from record amount in second quarter in lockdown. Unemployment claims rise for second straight week McConnell overcame battle over unemployment benefits Overnight Health Care: The race for vaccines poses challenging delivery challenges. Hotspot ease, but officials say a long way off | Birx recommend face shield with mask (R-Ind.) Tried to pass a bill that provided, when state and federal aid was merged, a match of two-thirds of a person’s previous salary. The federal benefit would have been capped at $ 500 per week. If a state cannot implement a wage match, it would be a flat $ 200 per week federal benefit.

But Schumer blocked the bill. Democrats then tried to pass the House’s nearly $ 3 trillion bill but it was stopped by Republicans.

Democrats also halted a one-week extension of the $ 600-per-week gain.

Meadows told reporters that Trump would have supported extending the current federal benefit to its current level for a week. Under the CARES Act, the original law that included unemployment increases, benefits are scheduled to formally expire on Friday.

However, due to the calendar and how many states send benefits, they started ending on 25 July. And with the Senate out of town until Monday, even if the four negotiators had reached an agreement, there would have been a lapse of the excess. Unemployment benefit.

When asked about the offer for a week extension on Thursday night, Pelosi asked “what good is a week extension?”

“A week extension is good if you have a bill and you’re working it out, details of it, legislative counsel, Congressional Budget Office, rules committee,” she said.

He said, “It’s an extension of a week. It’s useless. Unless you’re using it for this purpose, it’s useless.”


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