Democrats raise alarm over possible election chaos

Democrats prepare for possible anarchy on Election Day, fearing that the United Forces President TrumpDonald John TrumpShumer to investigate report of campaign finance disturbances by DeJoy’s former company McCarthy that Trump would harm Republicans in mail-in voting: report Iran broadcast Trump’s tweet to wrestler’s confession.Election results will be bitter because of voter fraud warnings and the expected influx of absentee ballots.

The party has been concerned for months about Trump’s efforts to sow suspicion in the mail and absentee voting in the midst of a coronovirus epidemic. But two developments this week worked afresh and made those fears worse.

A top Democratic digital firm warned of a possible “red mirage” on Election Night, with an in-person vote showing Trump in the lead until mail-in ballots are counted after November. 3 swings the race under the direction of the former Vice President Joe BidenThe BidenTrump campaign serves to set the narrative ahead of the pivot debate with Biden Massachusetts, proving that Puerto Ricans are the secret key to the demo’s victory in November. Trump says officials will investigate whether California is using 1619.

And on Wednesday, Trump suggested that supporters have tried to vote twice – by mail and in person – to test the ability of election systems to detect fraud, expressing outrage from state officials , Who warned that it is illegal to cast more than one ballot.

Together, concerns add to what Democrats fear will be chosen in confusion and potential uncertainty.

“I don’t think people have fully understood how difficult and challenging the Trump campaign is going to try to make the administration,” Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA President Guy Cecil told reporters at a video briefing . ” This week.

In some battlefields, democratic operators and officials are already taking steps to reassure voters that their election system will live up to expectations.

Trump suggested this week that his supporters try to pick up two ballots, with Michigan Secretary of State Jacqueline Benson issuing a statement insisting that the state’s election system is already “stress-tested” and that includes ensuring Security for includes that each person gets only one vote. . ”

Attorney General Josh Stein of North Carolina, a Democrat, called Trump’s remarks “disturbing,” accusing him of trying to undermine people’s confidence in the integrity of our elections.

There is also apprehension among Democrats that Trump may try to call the vote count as a question given the expected surge in mail voting this year, and the possibility that many ballots may not be counted on election day.

More Democrats are expected to elect their ballots this year than Republicans, given concerns about the coronovirus epidemic and Trump’s previous claims that mail-in voting is rife with fraud. A Quinnipiac University poll released this week underscored the difference between voters, with 51 percent of Democrats saying they had plans to vote by mail and 64 percent of Republicans saying they would vote in person.

Josh Mendelsohn, CEO of Democratic data and analytics firm Hawkfish, in an interview this week with “XBO on HBO”, warned of a situation in which a vote count on election night could show a landslide victory for Trump. But after the mail-in and counting of absentee votes, he said, it would show that Trump’s election night lead was “a mirage”.

“We are sounding an alarm and saying that it is a very real possibility that the data on election night is an incredible victory for Donald Trump,” Mendosohn told Axis.

Mendelsohn said, “When every valid vote is over and we get to that last day, which will be the day after the election day, will it really show what happened on election night?” Donald Trump was in the lead role and he was basically not when every ballot was counted. ”

A poll released this week by The Guardian and Opinion Research underscored the extent of Democrats’ fears that Trump may refuse to accept the November election result if it is not in his favor.

Three of the four respondents who supported Biden in the presidential race said they were concerned with the possibility of Trump’s election results being rejected, compared to only 30 percent of Trump’s supporters, the poll found.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign, Thea Macdonald, said the president is “fighting for a free, fair, transparent election in which every valid ballot is counted – once,” and attempts to make excuses on Democrats to dismiss election results charged to. .

“Rather than conspiracy theories and paving the way for Joe Biden to refuse to accept the outcome, if President Trump wins” Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton Atlantic’s Trump Report: We Should Know the Sources of a Story It’s important what the numbers say about Trump’s chances at a reunion outlines the White House and Labor Day strategy for winning. Four years ago, Democrats should have taken responsibility for their efforts to throw our electoral system into chaos 60 days before Election Day, ”McDonald said in a statement to The Hill.

Democrats say Trump has already laid the groundwork to question the legitimacy of the election, pointing to his rhetoric around the Jubernatorial and Senate elections in Florida in 2018.

That year, Election Day’s vote count showed Republican Rick Scott and Ron DecentisRon DeSantisOvernight Health Care: White House denies Trump adopting ‘herd immunity’ strategy on COVID-19. Penn State doctors: One-third of athletes tested with COVID-19 had heart inflammation. Fausi says Midwestern states should be vigilant on this Labor Day, Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by Facebook – Mark Kennedy Defeated; Trump lifts ban on nursing home visits to US promoters in Wisconsin Florida Leading his Democratic opponents. But the results fell short in those days, after which absentee ballots were counted, prompting Trump to cry foul and demand that the race be called based on Election Day voting.

Trump tweeted, “The Florida election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. A large number of new ballots have been shown, and many ballots have been missing or forged.” “Counting an honest vote is not possible – ballots are massively infected.” Must go with Election Night! ”

Scott eventually defeated former Sen. Bill nelsonClarence (Bill) William Nelson is facing trouble in Trump, Florida, the agency’s first black female engineer, Mary W. Jackson, after private-public involvement of NASA, SpaceX and crew-dragon flight to NASA’s all-name DC headquarters Go. (D-Fla.) By about 10,000 votes, while DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum by nearly 32,000 votes in the gubernatorial race.

The 2020 presidential race is also coming to a close. Several public elections released this week showed Biden with a large national leadership over Trump. But in the major battlegrounds, the margins separating the two candidates are tightening.

For example, a Quinnipiac University poll from Florida put Biden just 3 points ahead of Trump. In Pennsylvania, a Monmouth University poll showed the former vice president leading by 4 points. And in North Carolina, another Monmouth poll put them within 2 points of each other.

“Everyone is asking me: ‘Do you trust the elections, are you confident about Biden’s prospects?’ A veteran Democratic operative in Florida said. “I keep saying, yes, I trust the elections. The one thing I do not trust is the President. “