Democrats Osoff and Warnoch each raise more than $ 100 million for the runoff of the Georgia Senate

Warnock reported total receipts of more than $ 103 million between October 15 and December 16, surpassing the nearly $ 64 million collected by Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a Republican dissident he is trying to uncertainty. Meanwhile, Ossoff raised even more: $ 106.8 million, according to a Thursday filing with the Federal Election Commission, an amount that broke records in a year when Democratic candidates raised an astonishing amount from already active contributors.

Ossoff’s colleagues say his campaign attracted more than 1.4 million donors in two months.

Frenzied fundraising underscores the high stakes for a narrowly divided Senate. If both Ossoff and Warnock win seats in the January 5 runoff, their party will control the chamber as Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris may break ties in the Senate.

And new figures show that television, radio and digital advertising to affect runoff have already surpassed half a billion dollars before Election Day – making this contest one of the most expensive Senate races in American history To be put on track.

According to data from the Campaign Campaign Analysis Group for Cancer, Ossoff has spearheaded spending in excess of $ 100 million in advertising purchases and future reservations. Warnock has bought approximately $ 88 million in advertising. Both Democratic candidates have exceeded spending on advertising by Loeffler and Peru, according to Canter.

But Republican out-groups, funded by some of the party’s largest donors, have helped make ground in the advertising war. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – The American Crossroads, the Senate Leadership Fund and three super PACs associated with the newly launched Peachtree PAC have purchased more than $ 137 million in advertising to exclude contests.

Warnock and Loeffler each had more than $ 2 million in cash available for the final sprint on January 5. Loeffler has tapped her personal fortune to help the race. Warnock’s reliance on small donors – more than half of his contributions from individuals came in amounts of $ 200 or less – provides him with a potential pool of donors to tap for more donations before hitting contribution limits.

Ossoff had about $ 17.5 million left in cash reserves; Purdue, $ 16 million.

About half of Osdoff’s personal contributions came in small amounts of $ 200 or less, while slightly less than a third of Perdew.

A Democratic organization focused on the ground game also reported raising large sums of money.

The new Feelings show Fair Fight, a super PAC with former Georgia governor Stacy Abrams, took more than $ 22 million between November 24 and December 16 and sent $ 11 million to other groups – including BlackACAC, which works. Is doing voting among African American voters in the state.

Fair Fight’s big donors include labor groups such as the National Education Association and the United Auto Workers Union, which awarded $ 1 million. The campaign of Maine Democrat Sarah Gideon, who ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate this year, also contributed $ 75,000 of her remaining campaign to the group.

Another high-profile donor for Fair Fight: actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who gave $ 5,000 earlier this month.

This story has been updated with additional reporting.


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