Democrats can’t accept election results. If Trump wins, ‘street fight’ can be ensured: Atlantic writer

If you think that liberals were upset when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, just wait until what happens if he also defeats Joe Biden according to The Atlantic.

The progressive publication warned readers on Sunday that Democrats may not be able to vote if President Trump wins re-election, “especially” if he loses the popular vote, but remains in the White House Live. Atlantic Contribution writer Shadi Hamid wrote that he believes “Trump is a fascist or dictator in the making” and does not consider America a “failed state”, but has a significant concern.

The Atlantic warned readers on Sunday that Democrats might not consider it if President Trump won the reunion. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnick)

Hamid warns that Trump may be taken to the streets to win. .

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“The worst case in which Joe Biden is harmed under these circumstances is because Trump won’t destroy America (he can’t), but because it’s most likely to undermine confidence in democracy, resulting in social unrest and on the road The fight gets higher those cities including Portland, Oregon and Seattle have seen in recent months, ”said Hamid.

“Strictly law-and-order Republicans who have responded to the rejection of scenes of rioting and looting are interested in winning Biden.”

– Atlantic contributed author Shadi Hamid

Since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd in police custody, many American cities have occasionally been overwhelmed by violent demonstrations. Now, the contributing author of The Atlantic says that Republicans must root for Biden’s victory to avoid more chaos.

Hamid wrote, “For this reason, strict law-and-order Republicans who have responded to the scenes of rioting and looting are interested in Biden’s victory — even if they themselves may never bring him to vote.”

Trump 2020 Deputy Communications Director Matt Walkling saw the column and wrote, “They are no longer hiding it.”

“If you don’t let us Democrats win our rioters will burn cities,” Wolking said.

Hamid then wrote that if Democrats “cannot beat Trump during a devastating epidemic and a massive economic contraction” then the party probably won’t be able to compete with the GOP.

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“Democracy, after all, is supposed to self-correct after mistakes, especially mistakes as serious as the election of Donald Trump – whose witness to the nation’s highest office would have been apparent with almost every passing day Is, “he wrote.

Hamid said liberals had “a lot of trouble accepting the results of the 2016 election” and many never actually came up with it. She feels the backlash will be very important if Trump wins again.

“How can a fellow racist and a fascist have so many sides to their fellow Americans, who seem so sympathetic and without sympathy? It was easy to think that those Americans were lacking, manipulated and deceived, or that they simply could not understand what was best for them. In addition, the Russians had intervened, and balanced an extremely close election through propaganda, fake news and collusion with the Trump campaign. “That was then. This time, it will be worse.”

The liberal writer claimed that “the Left would be harder to absorb for Trump’s victory than in 2016” because Biden’s turnout was higher than Clinton’s at this time.

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“No matter how the turnout changes, the Trump victory means an edge and shattering expectations,” he wrote. If Trump wins, recent polling figures suggest he will do so despite losing the popular vote. This will promote disenchantment not only with the election result but also with the electoral system. ”

Hamid wrote, “For democracy to work, election losers need to believe they can win next time. Otherwise their incentive to play spoiler growth. The breakdown of democracy is always a possibility, but the country It is much more flexible than it may seem, and consolidated democracies rarely break under any circumstances. That said, this is one of those proposals that has not survived better. “