Demo Senate candidate Mark Kelly apologizes for outrageous joke about brother

Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly on Thursday criticized Republicans after making insensitive remarks mocking his brother’s time spent in space.

A NASA astronaut, Kelly was speaking to the Boy Scouts of the North Scouts Council of America during an event two years ago when asked if there was a question about the possibility of Mars ever colonizing.

Kelly responded by saying that his brother Scott, who was also an astronaut, had spent a year on the International Space Station and that his DNA had been replaced by time spent in either radiation or zero-gravity.

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“I don’t think how bad that word is for him,” Kelly said. “You know, it’s gotten so bad, that we had to leave him back in the woods recently.”

Pressurized Kelly.

He said, “He’s like halfway between an orangutan and a holler monkey.” We have also changed our name to Rodrigo. he lives in the forest. He lives at Eagle Rock Reservation. ”

Eagle Rock is a forest reserve and park in New Jersey.

The comment was revived by conservatives, who were hoping to help Kelly’s Republican opponent, Sen. Martha McSally, this November as he would hold his seat. Poles suggests that Kelly currently has an advantage over the Republic.

Moses Sanchez, a Republican businessman who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Phoenix in 2018, posted the video to Twitter, claiming that Kelly was degrading Latino.

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Sanchez tweeted, “Mark Kelly’s embarrassing video making a racist joke for a white mob.” “He would think that people named Rodrigo look like monkeys. It’s time for this type of racism and media scrutiny of Mark Kelly to take time out of the media more thoroughly as if he would be a Republican.”

It is not clear from the video what the racial makeup of the crowd was.

When questioned by the Republic of Arizona, Kelly apologized and said he was trying to explain the toll that his brother took the year in space.

He said, “My brother’s year in space was really tough and we tried to bring some light to his tough ordeal, but this comment does not do that and I apologize and deeply regret it.”

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