Demi Lovato says she ‘accidentally lost weight’, without embracing ‘diet culture’

Demi Lovato is celebrating her recent weight loss, but the sense of pride she’s feeling isn’t from sticking to a strict eating plan or putting in extra hours at the gym.

Instead, it’s because, despite past struggles with an eating disorder, the “OK Not to Be OK” singer says this transformation only happened after she completely abandoned the culture of diet.

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“I accidentally lost weight,” Lovato told her fans and followers on Instagram on Monday. “I don’t count calories anymore. I don’t exercise anymore. I do not restrict or purge. And I especially don’t live my life according to the diet culture … and I’ve actually lost weight. “

The 28-year-old shared that message along with a short video in which she pulled the newly released waist from her pants to show the results.

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“This is a different experience,” he added. But I feel full. Not of food, but of divine wisdom and cosmic guidance. “According to legend, it is also full of” peace, serenity, joy and love. “

And that’s the important part for Lovato, not the number on a scale. After all, just over two months ago, she took to Instagram to celebrate something else about her body, just loving it just the way it is.

“I used to genuinely believe that recovery from an eating disorder wasn’t real,” she wrote at the time. “That everyone was pretending or secretly relapsing behind closed doors. … I’m so grateful to be able to honestly say for the first time in my life: my dietitian looked at me and said, ‘This is what recovery from an eating disorder looks like.’

She paired that message with photos of her stretch marks, which she chose to highlight with gloss paint rather than hide.

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But in another post she shared on social media Monday, Lovato reminded her fans that while it’s important to accept themselves for who they are, they need to remember that what others share online may not reflect reality.

“How are teens supposed to learn to accept themselves (with) this shit?” She wrote in a heavily leaked video of herself. Other messages imposed on the clip include: “These are not my real eyes. … My skin is not so smooth. … Wait, do I need a smaller nose? “

To do her part, Lovato plans to forgo filters in the future.

“Thank God I am realizing this now,” he added to the message. “And I’m sorry I used them (without) realizing how dangerous they were before.”

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