Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams get married in their latest music video & # 39; Tell Me You Love Me. & # 39; (Photo: FilmMagic) [19659003] Demi Lovato is knotting herself, well, pretending in her latest music video, at least.

The singer Sorry Sorry dropped the video for her song Tell Me You Love Me Friday, and presents an emotional marriage with Gray & # 39; s Anatomy ] actor Jesse Williams.

Before the song begins to play, we see Lovato and Williams go through a series of events as a couple: their proposal, makeup sessions and fights.

The struggle, which ranges from suspicious text messages to screams, begins to take its toll on the couple who begins to question their next marriage.

"We may not be ready," says Williams in the video.

"We are ready," says Lovato. "I've never been more prepared."

After exchanging wedding rings during a beautifully decorated ceremony, Williams launches a plot twist to seemingly happy forever: he returns his ring to Lovato.

"I'm not ready," he whispers to the altar before leaving.

The video combines perfectly with the emotional lyrics and longing for the song, which also touches the fight, love and move on.

"I hope you never see the day / Go ahead and be happy without me / Without me … Tell me you love me / I need someone in days like this …"

Watch the full video video of Tell Me You Love Me above (Warning: some NSFW languages).


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