Demi Lovato failed by the media

Can this woman promote her music and not repeat her past traumas?


When Simon Cowell called Demi “annoying” to many outlets and then Conan O’Brien aired it:


When an interviewer told Demi live on air that he told his wife that he was in love with her:


The interviewer then went on to comment, “I tweeted you last season and you didn’t reply.”


When the Kiss 108 hosts asked Demi if Joe Jonas was so amazing, then why did he quit, and she replied, “Oh, I didn’t. He left me.”

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They then asked her if she had dropped her off in person or by text and she changed the interview to talk about her album.


When the internet forced Demi Lovato to leave Twitter after saying she enjoyed all 21 Savage memes:


Bebe Rexha took to Twitter and saying all the people stalking Demi Lovato / mentioning her past overdoses in response to her laugh from the 21 Savage meme were “fucking nasty” because “attacking someone who’s been sober for 6 months for their personal drug and mental health issues through a tweet is LOW. “


When Demi’s Snapchat was hacked and her nudes leaked online:


When an interviewer criticized her for not opening up about her sexuality during an interview:

She later happened to tweet, “Just because [I] Refusing to label myself for the sake of a headline doesn’t mean that I won’t stand up for what I believe in. “


When demi had to go Sunny with probability of for physical and mental health reasons:

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During her time on the show, Demi said that she had an eating disorder, was self-injuring, felt like she was working too hard, and sadly felt that no one cared about her struggle.


When The Edge hosts asked Demi if she had ever worked with DJ Khaled when she was on his show to promote her song with him:

The edge

This was after the presenters harassed her for slipping into people’s DMs and that her song doesn’t “sound” in other languages.


When a radio host asked Demi about her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama when she was there to promote his music:


This was in 2013 when Demi did not speak openly about her controversial relationship with Wilmer.


When an on-air personality criticized Demi’s performance, saying she wanted to see “choreography and outfits”:


When a paparazzo told Demi to “keep her nose clean” on her way to court:


When Perez Hilton uploaded this compilation of Demi’s ex-fiancé Max Ehrlich obsessed with Selena Gomez:

Is #DemiLovato going to claim that this also has Photoshop? 😹 @DDlovato’s fiancee, #MaxEhrich, talking about her love for #SelenaGomez. And again. 😝Get my new memories! Request “TMI: My Life In Scandal” at your favorite independent bookstores or directly at

In case you’ve forgotten, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are former best friends.


Lastly, when Slim from Mojo in the Morning asked Demi why she didn’t go out and freak out at 21, she replied, “Well, rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous”:

In general, broadcast “What other people say” and watch Demi: Dancing with the devil on March 16 for clear skin and good health.

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