Demand for jet fuel will rebound as US air travel increases.

The number of American air travelers surpassed 1.5 million on Sunday, for the first time since mid-March 2020, in a good sign for oil demand as American citizens begin to travel more, including by air.

According to data from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as many as 1,543,115 travelers went through security checks at US airports last Sunday, the highest number of travelers since March 13. 2020. The last time the number of US airline passengers was on March 15, 2020, when 1,519,192 travelers were screened at US airports, just before flights began to be suspended due to mobility being restricted at the beginning of the pandemic.

The number of US air travelers has now been above 1 million for a 12th direct day to March 22, TSA data showed.

“The TSA screened 1,360,290 people at the checkpoints yesterday, Monday, March 22, even though @CDCgov does not recommend travel at this time,” said TSA Public Affairs spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein. saying on Tuesday.

Airline passenger numbers are still below pre-COVID levels, and international travel is still restricted for Americans in many countries. But recent signs of increased passenger traffic at airports indicate an increase in mobility and demand for fuels, including jet fuel, which was hit hardest by the pandemic.

Travel and consumption patterns in the world’s leading oil consumer, the United States, and in the world’s leading oil importer, China, point to a recovery in demand for petroleum products. Those two countries, the top oil consumers, could take global oil demand out of the woods and lead the rebound in global consumption later this year.

In addition, the US demand for gasoline has also increased in recent weeks. Weekly US Gasoline Demand In The Week Through March 20 Hit Pre-COVID Level Seasonally, Patrick De Haan, Head of Oil Analysis at GasBuddy, tweeted on Sunday.

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