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Delta passenger tied to a wheelchair, family claims

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Nathan Saliagas said that Delta Air Lines did not satisfy a request for a certain wheelchair for his mother's trip from Atlanta to Amsterdam earlier this month.

Nathan Saliagas

A Delta Air Lines passenger named Maria Saliagas was tied to a wheelchair with a blanket after the airline failed to provide her with the correct wheelchair, her son told the Atlanta news channel WSB-TV.

Saliagas was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago, but did not want to end her annual tradition of traveling to Europe with her husband, WSB-TV reported.

She told the store that Delta usually accommodated her by providing her with a wheelchair with extra straps to keep her upright. But his son, Nathan Saliagas, said Delta did not comply with his wheelchair request during his April 1 flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam.

Nathan Saliagas said that the airline's employees tied their mother to a wheelchair with a blanket, which caused her discomfort.

"They took a dirty blanket and tied it tightly with her, and it has bruise marks on part of her arm because it was very tight, and she started crying," she told WSB-TV.

The Saliagas told WSB-TV that Delta offered them 20,000 SkyMiles after the incident, but they wanted the airline to reconsider how it treats passengers with disabilities.

A Delta representative told Business Insider that the airline had a different perspective on the incident.

"We are disappointed that our customers have not had a satisfying travel experience and make sure their return flight exceeds expectations," said the representative. "While Delta is always looking for ways to improve the overall customer experience, our findings do not align with the details shared by the client's family."

In a separate incident in March related to Delta, one passenger said that the airline's customer service representatives did not communicate properly with him after his dog was placed on multiple incorrect flights.

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