Delta 4-Heavy prepared for launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base: Spaceflight Now

Live coverage of the countdown and launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta 4-Heavy rocket with the NROL-71 payload of the National Reconnaissance Office. Text updates will appear automatically below. Follow us Twitter.

Note: We can not provide you with the coverage you expect from this release due to a United Launch Alliance decision. Learn more.

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ULA's live video coverage of the Delta 4 launch will begin on January 19 at 10:45 a.m. PST (1:45 p.m. EST; 1845 GMT).

A note about our coverage:

For decades, the media has received audio transmissions to allow coverage of the countdown and promotions of US launch vehicles. UU We are very disappointed to learn on Friday that the United Launch Alliance has decided to change this practice for its releases.

A spokeswoman for ULA said the company had made an badessment of its supply of audio lines and had decided to discontinue them.

For this current mission, the company will allow audio transmissions to be published two hours before takeoff. This will prevent independent coverage of the crucial feeding phase of the countdown.

After this uninterrupted release, clean audio from the launch control center will be released to the media in real time. Unless alternatives are offered, the only source of information on the countdown will be ULA's corporate communications department through its website and social media accounts.

Spaceflight Now expects the United Launch Alliance to reverse this decision, but unless that is the case, we will no longer be able to provide you with accurate, timely and impartial coverage of the ULA launches you expect.

This United Launch Alliance decision does not affect our coverage of other launch companies.

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