Delivery driver for Amazon caught in camera poop at man’s entrance


A homeowner in Sacramento County, California, is in the dumpster after an Amazon delivery contractor left a lot of stool in front of his house.

Nemy Bautista was not at home on Tuesday when the driver stayed in front of his house, but saw evidence of excrement when he returned home. Bautista checked his surveillance cameras and noticed the driver crouching on the pbadenger side of the truck.

He tried to get to the bottom of this mess by contacting Amazon through this Facebook post:

Bautista told the local KBET station that the driver's supervisor came out to investigate.

"I was in shock when we saw its size," said Bautista. "He ended up picking it up with a plastic bag, but I did not want to take it, it smelled really bad."

Bautista told CBS Sacramento he suspects that "trash can smell like shit for the next". few days. "

He added," I also had to hose down the sidewalk / sidewalk area after [the supervisor] left. "

An Amazon spokesperson told HuffPost that most of the packages this holiday season are delivered smoothly and that the company tried to work quickly to make this particular situation correct.

The online retail giant also Issued an official statement:

This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we are in direct communication with the customer.

The company gave Bautista a gift card to apologize for all the crap he had to face, but he told KTXL TV that his real concern was for customers who had packages delivered by the driver after that person was caught.

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