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Delhi Burari deaths latest updates: Among the 11 who were killed in Delhi Burari on Sunday, the oldest member Narayan Devi committed suicide with the help of a belt, CNN-News 18 reported . The police officers have not found the belt yet.

The daughter of Narayan Devi, Sujata, refuted the claims of occult practices. She told Firstpost that the family was happy and awaiting the granddaughter's marriage.

Narayan Devi, 75, was the last to die. Some of the notes stated that "one will not die" but achieves something "great", said the officer. Some of the notes stated that "one will not die" but achieves something "great", said the officer.

In a new twist in the case, liquid chemicals were found in the stomachs of the five deceased, reported CNN-News18 .

Researchers also examine the call data records of family members and their Internet search history. Police said they will also interrogate the family of the man who is engaged to marry one of the deceased.

A Delhi police officer said they retrieved handwritten notes from the house that spoke of how a person can overcome fear by covering the eyes and mouth, how a person can achieve salvation, and how the human body is temporary but the soul continues to live.

"The notes talk about whether a group of 11 people follows these rituals, all the problems would be alleviated and they would achieve salvation, some notes have dates on which they were written, while others do not. to reach the end and achieve peace, "said one of the researchers.

A report from the sub-director of the crime branch says that the whole family had books on "hidden rituals" and religious practices, and that they also performed.

Eleven members of a family, including two young children, were found dead in mysterious circumstances at their home in northern Burari in Delhi on Sunday, with police suspecting that the family followed some religious practice to "achieve salvation." The postmortem report of six bodies showed that the cause of death was suspended. No signs of struggle were found.

People living in the Burari lane north of Delhi are in shock.

Every day, people crossing the Bhatia residence read a Hindi verse that the family had written on a blackboard. outside the grocery store on their property, but on Sunday, all they could see were reporters, television cameras and police officers entering and leaving the residence.

There were discussions about whether the deceased were killed or if they committed suicide as they boarded an autorickshaw "Gramin Seva" from the Nagar GTB subway station, which is six kilometers from Sant Nagar in Burari, from where the incident was reported.

  Police personnel guard near the house, where 11 members of a family: four men, three women and four girls, were found hanging from an iron grate in the Burari area of ​​New Delhi on Sunday. PTI

Police personnel guard near the house, where 11 members of a family in the Burari area of ​​New Delhi on Sunday. PTI

Pbadengers could be heard in the autorickshaw discussing the mbadive traffic jam in the morning hours since Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the "house of horror".

"We got to know the incident through news channels around 8 am Everyone is talking about that, there are also stories that say that the family did it because of some religious belief," said one pbadenger.

Neighbors said they were scared after learning of the incident.

"If they were killed, we are concerned about the law and order situation in Burari, last month, there was a shooting in broad daylight in which a commoner also died and on the first day of this month, 11 were found bodies in a house, "said a resident of the town.

Others were worried about whether someone would even think about buying the house where the bodies were found and after the police found handwritten notes that indicated a "religious" angle to the deaths.

Even as t The police were looking for clues in the house, it was a chaos outside since the locals had appeared in large numbers, watching the media frenzy.

While the bodies were being taken, some were seen making videos on their phones. A neighbor, who declined to be identified, said his elderly mother had fallen ill after learning of the incident.

Another neighbor said there was a feeling of fear in the locality.

"My tenants were so scared they told me they were going to stay at a relative's house for a week," he added.

Police found some handwritten notes in the house, which, they said, suggested that the family may have engaged in some type of religious practice. .

The deceased were identified as Narayan Devi (77), his daughter Pratibha (57), two sons Bhavnesh (50) and Lalit Bhatia (45).

The wife of Bhavnesh Savita (48) and her three children – Meenu (23) and Nidhi (25) and Dhruv (15) – were also found dead, along with Lalit's wife, Tina (42) and her son Shivam, 15 years old.

Pratibha's daughter, Priyanka (33), got engaged last month and was supposed to marry in November, she was also found dead.

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