Defiant White House as Covid-19 deaths approach 130,000

President Donald Trump celebrated the decline in death rates in a series of weekend tweets.

“In a way, our tremendous success in the Tests gives the fake news media everything they want, CASES. Meanwhile, deaths and the top death rate decrease,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also highlighted the lower death rates on Monday as a sign of success in the administration’s coronavirus response.

“This president takes Covid seriously, but we must take into account the death rate and how well we are doing against the rest of the world,” McEnany told Fox News.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Monday there were no plans to shut down the economy again.

“We have to adjust our personal lifestyle temporarily because help is on the way,” Meadows said on Fox and Friends, touting the likelihood of a coronavirus vaccine.

Meadows said President Donald Trump would be willing to wear a mask in tight spaces, but said the mask’s mandates should be a state problem.

Later Monday morning, American medical organizations urged the public to wear masks and physically distance themselves as coronavirus cases increase.

“That is why as doctors, nurses, leaders of hospitals and health systems, researchers and public health experts, we are urging the American public to take the simple steps that we know will help stop the spread of the virus: wearing a face mask. , keep physical distance and hand washing, ”said the letter, signed by the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association.

“We are not powerless in this public health crisis, and we can overcome it in the same way that we defeat previous threats to public health, by allowing science and evidence to shape our decisions and inform our actions,” the organizations wrote.

After Florida reported 11,445 cases on Saturday, local authorities are taking steps to reverse the reopening of the economy.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez signed an emergency order Monday to close gyms, party rooms, and dance halls and only allows restaurants to operate with takeout and delivery services.

Florida has recorded a total of 200,111 coronavirus cases and 3,832 deaths as of July 5, according to data from the COVID Monitoring Project.

This morning, Miami Mayor Francis Suárez told CNN that the city’s hospitals were almost full.

“When we opened, people started socializing as if the coronavirus didn’t exist, and I think they forgot how incredibly efficient the spread of the coronavirus is and how incredibly efficient it is spreading,” Suarez told CNN.

Suarez asked for a national mask mandate and said it was no different than requiring the use of a seat belt. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber echoed that sentiment and pleaded with the president to set an example by representing the use of masks as a show of strength.

“That would help a lot because right now people are looking for a message that is the path of least resistance,” Gelber told CNN. “And when the President of the United States gives them a path of least resistance, they are taking it and they are killing people right now.”