Defense stars as Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reach conference championship in Tom Brady’s first season in the NFC

The Buccaneers signed quarterback Tom Brady for moments like this: going head-to-head with the New Orleans Saints team, which has made an incredible grip on the NFC South, marking the first time the postman had to get back to Tampon Bay For 13 years, and to become the first team in NFL history to host a hometown Super Bowl.

The Bucs are one step away from completing that trilogy.

In the second stop of a playoff odyssey that began with a wild-card game on the road – the first in Brady’s 21-year career – Tampa Bay defeated New Orleans 30–20 on Sunday night.

Next: Lambeau Field, against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. This would be Brady’s 14th conference title game and fourth for the Bucs after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 at Road N to win Super Bowl XXXVII after the 2002 season.

Brady said, “Just proud of everybody. The entire organization has accepted challenges without offense while playing in a new offense with so many pieces.” “Our coaches have worked very hard and hard to get us to this point, prepared us every day, and just done an amazing job. Friends really come together. It’s a really unique team. We have There is a lot of good chemistry. We enjoy a lot of practice, we worked really hard to get to this point, like the other three teams. “

The Saints defeated the Bucs by 46 points in two matches in the regular season.

“We had to look at ourselves in the mirror and challenge ourselves as to who we wanted to be,” Rekha called the Bucks inside Devin White, who hit 11 tackles (10 solos), one tackle for a loss, a QB. , Ended with a passup. , A disturbance recovery and an interception. “Everyone always asks, ‘What was our identity?” We had no answer. But Coach B.A. [Bruce Arians] Was the answer. He said, “We are some mothers — who are going to find a way to win the game.”

“It’s a different football team [the one that lost to the Saints 38-3 in Week 9]. I have tried to tell everyone but nobody wants to believe me – but this is the way we are able to play defensively. We’ve seen a few rough spots many times, but we’ve had some really good times, and this is one of the best times. “

Against the Saints, Brady completed 18 of 33 passes for 199 yards, two touchdowns through the air, one on the ground and no interceptions. He is now 3-5 against Saints quarterback Drew Tree, although the defense and ground game told the story. The Saints often lined up with deep defenses, concentrating to prevent big plays.

The Bucks combined for Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones for 169 yards from Scotland. Saints receiver Michael Thomas was held without a catch, and the Bucs got three takeaways that led to a touchdown.

“The way the defense played today – they were fantastic,” Brady said. “The way the offensive line played, Leonard, RO – it was just huge. They all grew up. We talked about it all week, to finish what we needed to win and it was a long time. Is the way. Last time we played these guys at home, and of course [from where] We started the season here. Ever since I was sitting here about 18 weeks ago, this time it is very nice to sit in this tent. “

Bucks cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting picked up the trees on a pass delivered to Thomas in the second quarter, returning New Orleans 36 yards to the 3-yard line. Then, Bucks receiver Mike Evans narrowed the possession with a 3-yard touchdown – his first catch of the season against Saint Cornerback Marshon Lattimore.

Then in the third quarter, Bucs punk safety Antoine Winfield Jr. disassembled the ball through the hands of Saints Tight and Jared Cook, who had white scooping and returned for 18 yards. Fournette then caught a 6-yard touchdown pass from Brady on the slant route.

In the fourth quarter, White lifted the trees on a resolution passed for Alvin Kamara of New Orleans, with Brady eventually driving it for a 1-yard score. Later, Bucks safety Mike Edwards picked up a pass from Breeze that was tapped by Bucus linebacker Lavonte David.

“It was always on my mind how they embarrass us,” Fournette said referring to the 38-3 loss to the Saints in Week 9, describing tight end Cam Brett as a “rock bottom” Went and many people called. Low point of the season.

While it was Brady’s 14th win on Sunday in the divisional playoff game, it was his second divisional win on the road, in his first season in the NFC.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur mentioned how much his players fed fans at their stadium Saturday against the Los Angeles Ram, in which MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers performed for ages against the league’s No. 1 defense in a game.

Wide receiver DeVante Adams also announced, “Nobody can stop us.”

However, in 6 weeks, the Bucs homered the Packers 38-10, sacked Rodgers four times, intercepted him twice and put the Packers on a season-low touchdown.

The same Packers team scored on each of its first five possessions in the Roaders’ eighth playoff game on Saturday, in which it accounted for at least three touchdowns, passing Brett Favre the third-most time in NFL history.

The Bucs gained some of their own Sunday history, becoming the ninth team in NFL history and the first in the regular season since the New York Giants in 2007 to defeat an opponent in the playoffs.

Brady has a 9–4 career in league championship games, but he is 3–3 in those games on the road. Brady also won 4–2 against the Packers and 1–1 over Lambeau, while Rodgers lost three straight conference championships.

“It’s hard to reach this point,” Brady said. “There is no guarantee beyond this point. But we have gone there and we will do our best to defeat one of the best teams in the league.”


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