Defamation lawsuit by Jeff Bezos, brother of girlfriend

Jeff Bezos has something else to thank for this, besides his billions.

The suzerain of Amazon will not have to file a defamation suit filed against him by Michael Sanchez, Laren’s brother.

Sanchez filed a defamation claim and intentional infliction of emotional distress in February. On Friday, a California judge withdrew the Wall Street Journal lawsuits.

The family kerfuffle began in January 2019 when the National Inquirer made public bezos’ extramarital affair with Lauren Sanchez, wife of her neighbor, mega agent, Patrick Whitsell.

Sanchez claimed that Bezos and his security chief Gavin D. Baker falsely accused him of leaking nude photos of Bezos. Bezos says he never accused Sanchez of leaping.

The Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., raises a finger on Sanchez, stating that it has torn the tabloids and “provided all the material.”

Lauren Sanchez has called her brother out, accusing him of “deep and unforgivable betrayal”.

Sanchez’s lawyer Tom Warren told the Journal: “We disagree with the trial court’s decision and are eager to confirm Mr. Sanchez’s claims on appeal.”

Bezos’ lawyer, William Isakson, commented: “When it comes to lawsuits for money or attention, the law is clear – and the law worked. Journalists will certainly take the court’s decision into consideration if Michael Sanchez is considered a source. “


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