Declassified Intel says Russia is spreading the spread of coronovirus: report

The newly formed intelligence suggests that Russian operators are using a variety of English-language websites to spread distortion about the novel Coronoires.

According to Tuesday reports from The New York Times and The Associated Press, senior officers with the Russian military intelligence unit, known as the GRU, are responsible for the disinfection operations.

The campaign reportedly involves the dissemination of news articles with unfounded claims about the origin of the virus and what Moscow and the US have responded to, among other things.

Reports on the dissolution were recently disbanded so that officials could talk freely about it, the AP reported, citing comments from two anonymous government officials. Authorities did not release any underlying information about Russia’s alleged activities.

According to the Times, the news articles were published on websites such as, which is controlled by the Russian government and, which US officials say is related to the GRU.

During the period between late May and June, some websites reportedly published 150 articles that spread false claims about the coronavirus epidemic. One article included the headline, “Russia’s Counter COVID-19 Aid to America Advance Case for Dentant,” which was received by an American official to attract the attention of the intelligence community to the AP. The title falsely suggested that Russia was providing adequate aid to the US. the outbreak.

Other articles suggested that coronovirus was part of the American effort to implement its vision of a “world order” and that COVID-19 was “an experiment in the world.”

There were reports about a new alleged Russian disinformation campaign 100 days before the November presidential election, though US government officials told the AP that it was unclear if the efforts were linked to the 2020 elections.

Officials said some of the content on the websites attacked the presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe Bidenobama, George Clooney on Tuesday opened up to Talib about having a virtual fundraiser for Biden as to why he did not support Biden, yet it has turned upside since 1980.

US intelligence officials have recently warned that foreign nations are attempting to interfere in this year’s election.

William Ivanina, the director of the National Countinthlance and Security Center, said last week that Russia, Iran and China are actively trying to prevent the fallout election, noting that “coronovirus epidemics and recent protests … of foreigners To work as fodder. Impact and disintegration efforts in America. “

According to reports published on Tuesday, the new alleged Russian disinfection campaign is mainly related to websites acting as legitimate news outlets.


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