Deborah Birx finds new jobs

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– A year after the Trump White House announced that it would coordinate its response to the coronavirus, Deborah Birx has found new jobs, and many. The George W. Bush Institute said Friday that Birx will join as principal investigator and focus on health disparities, Politco reports. A public health official for four decades, she will also work on other global health initiatives. She had worked with the Bush Institute to reduce cervical cancer among HIV-positive women in Africa when she was in the federal government. In a statement, according to Hill, Birx said she is “delighted to be working with amazing people and impactful programs at the Bush Institute.” Birx retired when the Biden administration took office. They didn’t ask him to stay when his colleague, Anthony Fauci, did.

According to a regulatory filing, Birx also joined the board of a Bay Area investment firm. Innoviva receives royalties from some lucrative drugs from GlaxoSmithKline. Birx did not comment on that position. And a Texas company said it also hired Birx as its chief medical and scientific adviser, according to Reuters. ActivePure Technology manufactures products that it says reduce the presence of coronavirus on surfaces and in the air. After serving as the global AIDS coordinator under President Obama, Birx became a national figure when Trump installed her on the White House task force. Trump criticized her as she pushed for the nation’s economy to reopen quickly during the pandemic, and her assessment remained grim. Democrats and others criticized Birx for not rejecting her suggestions for contracting the virus, such as ingesting disinfectants. (Read more stories from Deborah Birx).


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