Deaths of the finger of the Mets: first Noah Syndergaard, then Steven Matz

Seth Lugo, one of the best relay pitchers for the Mets, will return to the rotation, where he pitched the previous two seasons, to face the Chicago Cubs on Thursday. Callaway said that's why he stretched to Lugo in two innings on Monday's doubleheader. Lugo will be limited to four innings or 65 pitches on Thursday.

"I've always been a starter," said Lugo. "I'm more comfortable with that place, it's easy for me to get back into the routine."

Syndergaard could have continued pitching through the finger injury, but the Mets wanted him to rest. If all goes well, you are expected to use a finger split for a few days, try a bullpen session over the weekend and return as soon as you are eligible to leave the injured list early next week against the Orioles of Baltimore. His 10-day period on the disabled list was retroactive to his last start.

The Mets were already losing several key players due to injuries: outfielders Yoenis Céspedes and Juan Lagares, relief pitchers Anthony Swarzak and A.J. Ramos, and the players of the picture Todd Frazier and Wilmer Flores.

A medical incident last year with Syndergaard was a key moment in the fall of the Mets' old medical team and its disappointing 2017 season. Syndergaard rejected an M.R.I. last April after some pain in his right bicep, and the Mets did not require him to undergo the test. Then the right latissimus was injured in his next outing and he missed four and a half months of the season, which generated many questions about the medical protocols of the Mets, which then changed.

Although Syndergaard was not releasing its highest standards, year, he was functioning well. He had a 3.06 E.R.A. and 76 strikeouts over 64⅔ innings. Its walking rate doubled from last year to 4.8 percent, but it was still low. His average speed of fast ball had dropped by almost a mile per hour since last year, but still at 97.4 mph, and he was using all of his pitches.

Now, the unequal rotation of the Mets will be without one of their two best pitchers – and maybe another – and the heavier bullpen will be short a reliable arm.

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