DeAndre Baker: Armed robbery charges dropped against former New York veterans

Baker was charged with four counts of armed robbery stemming from an incident in August in which Baker was accused of stealing cash and watches from four people at gunpoint at a house party in Miramar, Florida on May 13.

The charges against Baker were based on three statements from victims who claimed Baker was one of the attackers. The decision to drop the charges comes after his accusers and other witnesses to the alleged crime “have become uncooperative and their credibility inhumane, according to a letter from Assistant State Attorney Paul R. Valkor of the State of Attorney Paul R. Valkor It has been tarnished. “

The letter also announced that William Dean, an attorney for three of the alleged victims, was replaced on Monday, which was related to requesting cash payments on behalf of the three plaintiffs in exchange for retaliatory testimony.

New evidence from the three alleged victims, provided in the affidavit that was similar in content, rewrote their previous sworn statements, and “claimed that they did not get accurate information about the events,” They were not involved in any criminal acts and looted or assaulted, according to the letter Bayer Baker was present but not.

“We feel as if justice has finally been served to DeAndre,” Baker’s attorney Patrick G. Patel said in a written statement. “All along I am guaranteeing a dismissal and disproportionately stated that this was a extortion case. We thank the Brown Council (prosecutor’s) office for demanding from day one of the co-counsel, Brad Cohen and I are doing!”

CNN has been unable to reach William Dean, whom the Broward Sheriff Office says is currently in jail. It is not clear whether Dean has legal representation.

Michael Rotundo, a partner at Dean at the law firm Ford, Dean & Rotundo, told CNN that the law firm had no comment at this time and is still trying to gather facts about the situation.

Baker was arrested in May along with Seattle Seahawks’ Quinton Dunbar, but Broward County prosecutors “did not file charges against Dunbar, citing insufficient evidence.”

In September, the Giants waved to Baker, saying that he had not participated in the team’s activities since the alleged incident. The NFL has its own investigation into the incident, which continues.

“We are monitoring all developments in the case that remain under review of the NFL’s personal conduct policy,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told CNN. “Baker remains subject to discipline based on the results of that investigation. At this time, and after today’s controversy, Baker is eligible to sign with a club.”

Baker is a former first-round draft pick, selected by the Giants 30th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

CNN’s Tina Burnside, Kevin Conlan and Dan Kamal contributed to this report.


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