Dealing with Falling Allergies: Symptoms, Treatment Options and Easy Breathing Methods

With fall around the corner, this is the time of year when seasonal allergies can cause problems to people.In today’s Moves in Medicine, we get some expert advice from people at Temple Health.

Symptoms can be very mild, very severe. Either way make sure that you are getting the best help for better breathing.

As the weather cools, so does the allergy.This is a particularly difficult time of year for Maria Sanchez, 63, of North Philadelphia.

“I’ve had allergies all my life, also asthma,” she said.

She says that keeping her allergies at bay helps prevent her asthma.

“Once I have an allergy, I catch a little sinusitis and a stuffy nose, then I start dripping water from my nose and then suddenly my asthma starts to spread,” she said.

So are we upset in the fall?

“We usually see pollen, ragweed, some mold and some dust mites,” said Ellen Mmmm, a pulmonary nurse practitioner at Temple Health.

Mmm says that symptoms can vary greatly.

“Symptoms may be mild. They can occur anywhere from nasal symptoms, ears, mouth, stomach and then you may also have some more serious conditions that may be affecting the patient’s asthma or in a very severe case anaphylaxis. ,” he said.

Treatments can vary from over-the-counter medications, inhalers, prescriptions and even home remedies on steroids. The idea is to get a treatment plan as soon as possible. And remember that you can develop allergies at any age.

“You can be desensitized for something for many years and then suddenly you just start getting symptoms,” Mum said.

His relief for Sanchez came about five years ago, when his doctor started injecting him with medication that he receives every two weeks.

“I started as a trier and it has worked well. I mean like my life really depends on it,” she said.

Temple Health says that no matter what type of fall we have whether it is hot or cold, pollen and ragweed are still there until the winter is all over.

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