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DC’s all-encompassing new universe they call the Omniverse debuted in Dark Nights: Death Metal # 7 January and readers will get a much closer look at Infinite Frontier # 0 on March 2. But a week earlier, on Tuesday February 23rd, it is already in expansion mode with a new corner of the DCU within the Omniverse called the Linearverse.

What is the Linearverse? We explain the background here and get some feedback from Dan Jurgens, one of the co-authors of the story in which he debuts, Generations: Forged # 1.

But for a simpler explanation of the Linearverse, you have come to the right place.

DC readers may want to sneak out now if they are planning to read Generations: Forged # 1 and want to wait.

[That’s a spoiler warning, FYI.]

So what is the DC Linearverse? First, you need to understand what DC Omniverse is.

1938 Action Comics # 1 (Image credit: DC)

Because the history of DC comics began in 1938 with Superman’s debut in Action Comics # 1, the official canon history of the DC Universe, what comic book readers refer to as continuity, has been officially rewritten time and again to explain how superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman who have posted adventures dated to real-world events like WWII can still be active in new adventures taking place in the here and now.

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