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DC movie producer Jon Berg leaves Warner Bros., joins Roy Lee Banner

Berg's movement occurs when the study reevaluates the direction of the DC superhero universe.

Jon Berg, production co-president of Warner Bros. and producer of the Justice League leaves his executive position in which he acts as the key person in the study in everything related to DC. He joined L ego Movie producer Roy Lee, the production standard, which is based on the Burbank lot of the study.

Berg supervised the studio's DC films, along with DC's creative chief, Geoff Johns, who also excels in the studio's comic television offerings. It is not clear at this time whether Johns, who reports to DC President Diane Nelson, will take more creative control of DC's characteristics after supervising successful television series such as Arrow The Flash and Supergirl along with his work on licensing and publishing.

Berg's exit occurs when Zack Snyder Justice League has a lower performance at the box office, having grossed $ 572.1 million worldwide since its launch on November 7. (The film had a reported budget of $ 300 million, including rescues directed by Joss Whedon.)

"This is something that Jon told me about six months ago, and he expressed that his goal was to finally be a producer in the Warner Bros. Pictures Group's first president, Toby Emmerich, said in a statement on Thursday: "I met Jon when, as a producer, he brought Elf to New Line, which is still one of the best and most perennial . titles in the library. We are delighted that Jon associates with Roy and anticipates that his company is a valuable source of films for Warner Bros. and New Line. "

Berg was the first to use the point (along with Johns) in DC in May 2016 by then the president of Warner Bros. Pictures, Greg Silverman, after the consequences of the poor critical and commercial performance of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice .It is expected that Emmerich will appoint a new person to supervise the studio's comic projects in the near future.

Berg's DC credits include success Wonder Woman which has grossed over $ 800 million at the box office, as well as the next Aquaman independent, which will go on sale in December 2018.

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