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On Tuesday, February 23, DC will introduce Linearverse, a new way of looking at the publisher’s 82-year history. Part of the new Expanded Multiverse concept introduced in Dark Nights: Death Metal # 7 January called Omniverse in which every DC story ever told is in continuity, the Linearverse ironically removes the need for why the DC Multiverse was created. in the first place.

Do you have any questions? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you in detail. But first…

Generation Spoilers for February 23: Forged # 1

Generations Cover: Forged # 1 (Image credit: DC)

Generations: Forged # 1 by writers Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, and Robert Venditti is the second half of a story that began with a foreword in Detective Comics # 1027 and continued in Generations: Shattered # 1 on January. A sort of Avengers Forever-ish adventure, the story features a team of DC superheroes drawn from different timelines, including the original 1939 Batman, just a few weeks into his run, gathered to battle a villain who is erasing time (for reasons that are somewhat similar to what is happening in Disney Plus’s WandaVison).

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