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The actor Kristian Nairn officially left the game of Thrones Universe in 2016, but viewers have barely forgotten him. Nairn's character, Hodor, was Bran Stark's loyal servant for six seasons, before he died tragically while keeping the door closed to keep the Army of the Undead away, which allowed Bran to escape.

Nairn recently reflected on the paper, admitting that although he only repeated a line, Hodor was a difficult character to represent.

"The key to interpreting Hodor is to be real: you really have to put yourself in the situation because you have no words to express yourself," Nairn told Star 2. "You really have to immerse yourself in the reality of the scene and put it in your body language. with a single word. "

The most surprising thing about Nairn's depiction of Hodor is the fact that not even the actor knew the meaning of his character's name. In their last moments, the fans finally discovered that "Hodor" emerged from Bran as he entered Hodor when he was young in Winterfell at the same time that the undead were pursuing them. When Meera yelled at Hodor to "open the door," a young Hodor seemed to see Bran in Winterfell. Then it seems that Bran also gets into the young Hodor, who suffers a seizure, which leaves him unable to say anything more than the abbreviated version of his last words.

The fans were shocked by this revelation, and it turns out that Nairn was too.

"I remember over the years, I asked the showrunners and George RR Martin what Hodor it meant, but they would never tell me, "said Nairn. So he created his own theory of where the name came from, guessing that Hodor was a Clegane because of his unusually large size, but obviously that theory did not succeed.

"I was surprised like everyone else when I discovered what Hodor meant, but I never expected the reaction that came from everyone," Nairn said, commenting on the collective depression in which fans fell after the death of his character.

While a character who only utters a line in six seasons may not be an attractive role for all actors, Nairn said presenters David Benioff and Dan Weiss badured him it would be worth it.

"It was a challenge somehow, but David and Dan told me:" You'll be one of the favorites of the fans of the show, "and this was before we started, I really did not understand, I was like & # 39; Really? But he just says one word, guys. "But they turned out to be correct," Nairn shared.

Nairn has taken a break from acting to focus on his DJ career, but he knows he will eventually return to television. "I love fantasy roles, science fiction. But I am willing to everything. I will never do a part like Hodor again … I definitely have a lot to say, "he said.

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