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David Ndii’s wife talks about her husband’s arrest :: Kenya


The wife of NASA strategist David Ndii is now accusing the Jubilee Government of her alleged involvement in the arrest of her husband.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday morning in Mombasa, Ms. Ndii said that her husband is not a criminal and that he has not done anything wrong that could guarantee his arrest.


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As an ICT expert, she told the media how she has contributed extensively in the development of the presidential digital transformation of the government database for the Jubilee government. This was after President Uhuru Kenyatta sent a special request to the head of the African Development Bank in 2014 to request his return to Kenya and be the champion of the project.

"The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, was the one who sent a special request to the president of the African Development Bank requesting me to come and advocate for the government's digital transformation, which was his project that began after the attack on Westgate. He called it a unique source of truth, "he said.

She says that the project was meant to provide a database with all the people in Kenya, the land, who owns what, all the companies in Kenya, who are the directors to help with security issues in the country.

"I want to ask the president, where is that gentleman in 2014 who asked me to come and create a unique source of truth to create transparency in Kenya?"

Ms. Ndii, who said she was with her husband in a hotel room during the arrest, was disappointed when the police lied to him that he had been taken to the Diani police station but she did not find him when she went there a few minutes later.

He said that the police went to the hotel room where the couple was staying to look for Dr. Ndii's laptop with the objective of obtaining information related to NASA's plans and schedules.

According to Ms. Ndii, they were at a beach hotel in Diani, Kwale County for a family event.

Dr. Ndii was recently appointed to lead a six-member team to lead the National Steering Committee of the People's Assembly, as it drives his agitation over electoral reforms.


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