David Letterman Confronts Kim Kardashian West About Working With Trump

David letterman knows how to splash. In season three of his Netflix interview series My next guest needs no introduction—The most recent of which falls on Wednesday – East late Show The host landed as a major celebrity guest for each premiere episode.

For the first time, former President Barack Obama was giving his most in-depth on-camera interview in early 2018, after the long-bearded letterman stepped down. Last year, season two opened with a fiery sit-down with Kanye West, who said both felt “taunted” by liberals for supporting Trump and admitted that he had never voted in his life . Letterman shot cheers from the crowd of rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian West.

Now, it is the turn of the reality show Star-Fashion-Fashion Mogul, which will join Letterman on stage for another engaging conversation to open in stage three.

Letterman begins the interview, taped earlier this year, admiring the Kardashian clan for arriving late at the theater, before the coronavirus epidemic began. “Oh for Christ, isn’t Showtime on the ticket?” He jokingly asks as Chris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Chloe Kardashian file. An empty seat next to Jenner is soon occupied by a Kenny West.

The interview begins with curious curious questions about Letterman before the interview, before the host actually apologizes for making a joke keeping up with the Kardashians In his late Show Monologue in the day. “Well, here we are and we’re not laughing anymore,” he says, pointing to the enormous success his family has achieved. He also rejects the entire notion that Kardashian is “famous for being famous” because he believes that making a show like his work involves some skill.

From there, things quickly turn to more important topics, including her father’s role in the OJ Simpson trial – she still won’t say if she thinks she’s respectfully guilty of her children – and Kardashian K as an attorney for the most recent crime. Correction of prison sentences which, of course, leads to his possible alliance with President Donald Trump.

“Hopefully, for the next several administrations, I am working with the White House, they will be helped with clemency,” Kardashian explains, in the form of a photo of her appearing onscreen with Alice Johnson, the woman whose Sentenced to life imprisonment, he personally observed the president creating an uproar in the Oval Office with Trump.

Clearly uncomfortable with the notion of endorsing Trump’s image, Letterman then asks, “But do you think that punishment is now being carried out in any way through this current administration toward the balance of democracy To get back into the corridor of viability? ”

This is a clichéd, nonsensical question that elicits the only logical response from his guest, who answers, “Well, I don’t know what you just said.”

After laughter and applause, Letterman tries to strike another deal. He said, “I am grateful for what you are doing, but that doesn’t make me feel better about the current administration.” But as he has done repeatedly over the years, Kardashian refuses to say a single bad word about the man in the White House, only telling him, “I understand that.”

She would also not tell Letterman who he was voting for in the presidential election, as she sat in silence while pressing him, “I know who I am voting for.” Although the interview was taped before Joe Biden turned down the Democratic nomination and before Kanye West officially threw his Maga Hat in the ring, there is a clear implication that it was best to defeat Trump have a chance.

“Trust me, everybody called me and said, ‘Don’t you step into that White House or you have a reputation,” Kardashian says, arguing that it was to save the lives of those people There was a small price to pay that would otherwise die in prison.

Letterman admits, “But look, your good work is heavy.” “It is a positive force that reduces what I consider to be unacceptable behavior by the president.”

Believe me, everyone called me and said, ‘Don’t you step into that White House or you don’t have a reputation.’

– Kim Kardashian West

Instead of believing that any such “unacceptable behavior” exists, Kardashian merely states that she is “extremely grateful” for the administration’s work on criminal justice reform and to “focus” on what she can accomplish. .

“Why don’t I feel like this?” I’m not as good a person as you, maybe? “Letterman asks in response, before realizing that he has probably reached a dead end and moves on to other topics. Their conversation ends with a truly excruciating account of the 2016 Paris robbery, during which Kardashian says she was sure she was about to die.

Throughout the hour, Letterman’s apparent affection for Kardashian is evident. Finally, he tells her that she “walks out of the right side of everything.” But he is also clearly distressed by his refusal to criticize Trump, whom he has known for decades should never be given presidential power.

Months after her interview, Alice Johnson appeared as a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention. But when he thanked the president for his sentence, he refused him for a second term. Like Kardashian, Johnson told CNN’s Jake Taper that she was “focused” on this narrow mission and clearly didn’t want to say anything that might hurt Trump’s ego.

As a fellow reality show star, Kardashian knows that Trump really cares more about being liked than helping people so she wasn’t going to reveal the slightest hint of disapproval. Letterman has become a world-class interviewer in his new long-form, but he did not even get to break it.


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