David Fizdale’s brief season in Memphis was full of fire dates


The Memphis Grizzlies fired head coach David Fizdale after the team fell to a 7-12 record to start the season. The reasons for his dismissal are controversial, but one thing is certain: fans will miss Fizdale, for whatever reason, because he never knew what he would say next.

Here are some of his best words as head coach of the Grizzlies:

After Leonard scored 32 and 37 points respectively in the first two games of the Spurs-Grizzlies' first-round series last season , Fizdale said the antifreeze bleeding from San Antonio.

"(Kawhi Leonard) was standing next to me the other night, and he was not breathing in. He was not breathing, so I'm going to check the rules book and find out if the robots can play in the NBA because of some Pop way and they have noticed, they know something that I do not know, I think it bleeds like antifreeze or something, this guy, he's special, man. "

He coined two sentences in a diatribe

Which was your favorite: "They will not surprise us", or "Take that for data"?

"Compete until the end, and I hope you're a religious man because you're going to have to say some prayers."

He said he does not want to see Ben Simmons for the next 15 years

Simmons is special that's no secret Not even to Fizdale.

"My God, I do not want to see that for the next 15 years, that kid, they're not talking about him enough, the way he moves with the ball, his ability to see the floor, the way he can to sit on the floor, once you trust your shot to get where you really have to approach him in all three, wow, it's a great talent. "

He also said this about Confederate statues

"My agenda is simple: I want those things to leave our city, out of public view", through NBA.com. "I'm not even saying to break them and melt them," he said. "Put them in their proper context in the story, their proper context is in a civil rights museum, where you can put them in context and talk about how horrible they were, I feel our citizens should not have to see that involuntarily."

Fizdale might not be the coach in Memphis, but he will not be a free agent for long. Eventually, a team will need the brand of loving leadership it brings. It will not be with the Grizzlies, but he will get a call.

And when he does, we'll be waiting.

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