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David Cassidy denied financial problems before his death

David Cassidy was worried in the last year of his life, but not about his finances.

During his last in-depth interview with PEOPLE in February, the late Partridge Family star disussed his diagnostic dementia, but eliminated any monetary problems.

"The financial part is not a problem," said the former teen idol.

However, three years earlier, Cassidy had applied for bankruptcy protection, allegedly owing up to $ 10 million to several creditors, including Wells Fargo Bank ($ 290,000), American Express ($ 21,000) and Citi Bank ($ 17,000) . He also had $ 102,000 in debt with a lawyer in Hallandale, Florida.

In documents obtained by The Blast, the teenage beau of the 70s left $ 150,000 in assets to his only son Beau, 26, with his three half brothers with musical memorabilia. His daughter Katie was excluded from the will: "My specific intention is not to provide any benefit to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy," he wrote, but it is important to note that the will was drafted in 2004, and Katie, 31, had a relationship of ups and downs with his father .

Last month, the adolescent idol of the 70s died of organ failure at the age of 67.

Once it became known that Cassidy had been hospitalized, her family, including Beau, Katie, brothers Patrick and Shaun, and her ex-wife Sue Shifrin, left everything to be by her side.

"There were many family problems due to their alcoholism, but everyone comes together to support him," he said. source close to Cassidy told PEOPLE. "He was delighted to see them." When his brother Patrick came into the room, David lit up like a Christmas tree, there has been total resolution within the family, they will always be there for him.

In February 2017, Cassidy revealed exclusively to the PEOPLE who was fighting dementia.

"I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming," Cassidy said. , who saw her grandfather fight the disease and testified that her mother "disappeared" in dementia until she died at 89 years old.

During the interview, Cassidy closed the conversation similar to how she closed the last chapter of her life, with gratitude.

"I love having an incredible life that has touched millions of people around the world," he said. "It flatters me, the world needs more kindness."

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