David Carr makes a key review of the article suggesting the Raiders should trade for Russell Wilson


On Monday morning, NFL.com published an article by David Carr suggesting that all four teams on Russell Wilson’s shortlist should have called the Seahawks “yesterday” about a trade. Interestingly, one of those four teams, the Raiders, currently employs David Carr’s younger brother as its starting quarterback.

Even more curious, David Carr’s article was quietly reviewed after the comment was discovered and publicized.

The original version read the following: “If I am one of those four teams, I will pick up the phone Yesterday. “The new version says the following:” If I’m a team in need of quarterbacks, I pick up the phone Yesterday. “

Surprisingly, the article does not contain any indication that it has been revised or edited. The original 11:25 am ET timestamp remains, and it does not have an editor’s note or other indication that any changes were made. Therefore, create the clear impression that the article never said: “If I am one of those four teams, I am answering the phone Yesterday.”

Did. And apparently David Carr received a “WTF?” Derek’s text, causing the change to be made surreptitiously, so that no one would realize that David believes what anyone else with a basic knowledge of soccer knows: Russell Wilson would be a major improvement over Derek Carr.

Also, the review doesn’t make sense in context. The paragraph above explains that Wilson has said, through his agent, that he would only accept a trade to four teams (Raiders, Bears, Cowboys, Saints). So any “team in need of quarterbacks” other than those four would be wasting time calling the Seahawks yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Still, David Carr clearly had to do some damage control once it became obvious that he was suggesting that the Raiders throw his brother overboard for Wilson. And David Carr tried to do damage control in a way that controlled the perception that no damage had been done.

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