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Dauntless already has more than 5 million players


Within the first week of its release, the free monster hunter game. undaunted It has already reached an impressive milestone. More than 5 million players are already active in the game while they are defeated in Behemoths, a big increase over the number of players who played when the game was previously released in a beta version only for PC. To cope with success and accommodate players, the developer Phoenix Lab has been working to expand the capacity of the game's players while reducing the time players spend in a queue while trying to enter the game.

undaunted Launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and fully on the PC through Epic Games Store on May 21, so it is only a few days to reach the 5 million players who now play. In the midst of its frequent updates on the ongoing work in the game, Phoenix Labs called attention to the achievement on Twitter.

The most typical type of update that can be seen in the same account has been similar to the one below, where Phoenix Labs keeps players up to date on the work that is being done in the game. In its last update on Saturday, the developer said that the capacity and queue had been improved, and that work was already underway to accommodate more players.

Being free to play is obviously a big contributor to this issue, so it will be interesting to see how the game develops at this time next week. However, more and more players have joined the days after its release, so it does not seem to have reached its peak early and show signs of slowdown.

The game itself brings together different people to play as Slayers and hunt Behemoths, similar to what you find in a Monster Hunter game. However, it has a very different aesthetic, one that is more similar to Fortnite what forms.

"Powerful, savage and voracious for the ether that holds aloft the shattered Islands, the Behemoths are a threat to our existence," says a description on the site of the game. "Join other hunters to confront these massive beasts before they consume what remains of our world."

undaunted Now it's available as a free game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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