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Who is the NBA Bubble MVP at this point?

James Harden? Jimmy Butler has a case as a leader in Miami. Anthony Davis Damian Lillard won the vote for the Seeding Games, but his team was eliminated very quickly.

The Clippers’ Qui Leonard placed an exclamation point on his case Wednesday night with 30 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, four steals, and a few blocks. He dominated both ends. Denver has no answer.

Combine Kavi Leonard with the series best clipper defensive outing and Los Angeles winning 96–85 to win the series 3–1 against Denver. Game 5 is on Friday night.

The Clippers are now one win away from where the franchise has never been: the conference finals.

“It’s not our goal, so I don’t think anyone cares,” Doc Rivers said of being close to the WCF and franchise history. “It was a zero response. We have not done anything yet. ”

It wins in a way that makes the Clippers look like the best team in the NBA restart in Orlando. Los Angeles ranked Denver as a team with 39.7% shooting and a 93.4 offensive rating. Nikola Jokic scored 26 points shooting 23 out of 11, Jamal Murray scored 18 points, but there were 15 points out of 6, but the Nugget players were out of rhythm across the board and looking clear Struggled for The Clippers’ defense was smooth. The Nuggets were getting frustrated.

Paul George said, “When we are finally rescued, we realize that it makes everything for us.”

“We’re still trying to get together,” Leonard said. “I don’t know where we are. I know we will keep getting better and it is aimed at each day.

The Clippers quickly came together and threw a blanket over the Nuggets offense. The Nuggets scored 12 first-quarter points, scoring 25% overall and were 0-8 out of three. The Clippers led by as many as 18 points in the first half.

Denver, to its credit, fought back, played some solid defense of its own, and tied the game early in the third quarter.

But the roll players around the Nougat stars were not getting the job done, outside of Michael Porter Jr., who had 15 points from 5-of-8 shooting, then was not getting much touch since the game looked very disappointed.

“We just went [Jokic] And [Murray]… ”Porter Jr. said of Denver’s crime. “I think to defeat that team, we have to involve more players.”

He and Mike Malone will talk.

The Clippers produced leads up to 16 and were never seriously threatened again. Montreal hurl 15 digits were And Lou Williams off the 12 bench. The Clippers’ scoring was balanced, but based around Leonard.

“I think our continuity is growing,” George said. “I think this team is getting more and more comfortable together. The challenge, I think, is allowing us to come together and we are embracing these challenges. We are having fun with it and we are growing with it. ”

The Clippers look like a team that will continue to grow in place of the franchise.