Dashcam video covers Philadelphia hit-bicycle

Philadelphia (WPVI) – Philadelphia police are working to track down a hit cyclist as the video captures an accident involving a cyclist.

“I told him, ‘I was right there. I got on my dash camera.” And he was just like, ‘I don’t believe you.’ And he said, “Cam Purcell said.

Dashcam video of the parcel revealed exposure to a car and bike on the Spring Garden Bridge on Thursday morning, but the driver left the bicycle on the ground.

“I was driving, and I think this guy goes past, and I think it’s weird that he can break like a whole flock of bones.”

Purcell hit the gas and still drove the driver on I-76 with his dashcam. Eventually, the woman behind the wheel pulled over.

“He’s like, ‘Hey what’s up? Why are you following me?” And I’m like, ‘You just kill someone. You should probably go back and see if they are okay. ‘ And he’s like, ‘I didn’t kill anyone,’ “said Pursell.

Philadelphia police said the video showed the two making contact with each other, pushing the woman’s right mirror inside. The police also said that the cyclist is alive.

“It is possible that the driver does not know immediately, but if you watch that video closely, you see that the driver almost comes to a stop and starts again before going to that ramp.” Capt. Mark said overweight with Philadelphia Police Accident Investigation Division.

This is why cyclists like bike food delivery driver Joe Cox have put a bold sign on their bikes for cars to keep a distance of four feet with them. If you are driving a car in Pennsylvania and you want to pass a cyclist on the road, state law requires you to give them four feet.

The Bike Alliance of Greater Philadelphia told Action News that because of the epidemic the roads have been evacuated, speeds have increased, leading to an increase in bike deaths in 2020.

“You have to be very aggressive and defensive to ride a bike in Philadelphia because you don’t know how the driver is going to act,” Cox said.

Police said the cyclist needed to come forward and make a report and hold the driver accountable.

Police said the cyclist was not doing anything wrong in the context of where the bike was riding.

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