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Dark Fantasy Shooter "Witchfire" Announced in The Game Awards

One of the big announcements tonight during The Game Awards was the unveiling of a new game by Polish developer The Astronauts. The game is called Witchfire, and is described as a dark fantasy shooting game. Like the studio's latest game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Witchfire looks absolutely gorgeous. But unlike that game, there are shots in Witchfire, which ad progress skilfully points to.

The astronauts were founded by Adrian Chmielarz, who worked on shooters like Painkiller and Bulletstorm in his previous studio, People Can Fly, before continuing. You can see the advance of the Witchfire ad in the previous box.

The video shows that Witchfire will be a game in the first person and reveals that some of the places you will visit are dense places like swamps and dark and terrifying palace. We also see a lot of strange aliens / monsters, while the movement seems to be fast.

In a statement, Chmielarz said that Witchfire is still far from the launch. The studio wanted to talk about it so early because I wanted to let the fans know that the company is still "alive and kicking". Right now it is confirmed only for PC, although that does not necessarily mean that it will not reach the consoles later.

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