Danny Anging at the Celtics loss, Gordon Hayward’s future, ‘weird’ offsen

After the Celtics’ loss to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday, basketball operations president Danny Anging jumped to Sports Hub’s “Teacher and Rich” 98.5 for his final weekly interview of the season.

Apart from being disappointed with the loss to Miami in six matches, the English were also optimistic about the future.

“We’re in a fairly good place,” Ang said on Thursday, looking at the team’s situation. “But yes, it was a hard loss, there is no doubt about it. It was not good, not a good game in that series because it was so promising in those first two series. We could have played better in that last series. ”

“I think we felt this is a series we should win,” Aang said. “I think we’re at a glance, we still see it as a series that we should have won, and could have won, without disrespecting Miami because they were playing really well, and they all Were healthy, and fresh. There are a lot of reasons, you can go back and try to figure that out, but I think we didn’t play well in the games down the stretch, and that was something we did all year. And did during the playoffs. ”

Soon after his radio interview, Arinze, who held a season-ending press conference, described the team’s injuries as part of the issue.

“The bottom line is, I’m not going to stress too much about it” Ainge explained. “We sure were not 100 percent. We have people

In his press conference, Angeg stated that guard Kimba Walker “Definitely not myself, ”And was playing injury.

During the radio interview, Ang praised Gordon Hayward for his persistence despite his own injury.

“He really wanted to help our team, but you can tell that he was not the player he played the most times in a year,” Anzer was quoted as saying by Hayward. “They had a terrible season.”

The 30-year-old Hayward has a player option on his contract that he can either choose to exercise (and stay with Boston) or opt out, in which case he will become a free agent.

Asked when the team might have an idea when Hayward would decide on the option, the AIGV said COSID-19 meant unprecedented offseason timing – Boston is uncertain.

“That’s a good question, I don’t know the answer,” Aang admitted. “The league is trying to figure out when free agency starts, we’re not sure. We think we have a good idea of ​​when the draft is going to happen, but it is not set in stone either. ‘

“It’s weird, there’s no question,” Aang said of Offsen.

One critic of Boston lacked depth in the playoffs. Boston globe The Celtics blamed Angle for not including writer Gary Washburn on the team’s bench during the season.

Asked about whether Midderson was lacking, Anger said the injuries hurt the team’s depth.

“First and health is the most important,” Ang said, though he agreed with Washburn’s take. “I think it’s a fair assessment. I think the reason we didn’t have different players on the bench was, first of all, we worked very diligently to upgrade our bench to go to the playoffs, but the price was too high or they made a silly acquisition. We stayed where we weren’t even sure they were much better.

“We started meeting [Romeo Langford] Healthy back, ”Ainge noted the team’s top pick in the 2019 draft. “And we really like her. He is a good player, and nobody I know in Boston knows that yet. They did not see him. Out of the two matches we played in Miami, we won, we scored 56 points in the paint in the last three quarters and we scored 60 points in each other. This is why [Romeo’s] Strength, scoring in the paint. He did not get a chance to show a lot this year. ”

“Going into the season, we like our bench,” continued Ang. “We were always going to have three of the five main players on the court at all times. We were going to play center by committee, and so we liked our key players unlike them. But because we had injuries with Kemba and Gordon, and [Romeo], It hurt us. And at that point our bench exposed a little. ”

With the Celtics officially closing the 2019-2020 season, Arrig feels the league deserves credit for putting together a bubble system.

“I think the league has done an amazing job. I think the product has been very good, ”he summarized. Nevertheless, he was not a fan of the first game of the NBA Finals.

“I didn’t think last night’s game was great,” Ellinger added to the clash between the Lakers and the Heat on Wednesday. “I’m not sure there was anything worse between the previous night’s game and the president’s debate the night before.”

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