Daniel Jones stumbles, falls on 80-yard run, misses open lane for TD on ‘Thursday Night Football’

Not only does Daniel Jones’ 80-yard run express a primetime matchup between the Giants and Eagles compared to Thursday, but it can summon the entire 2020 – and NFC East Division – in a nutshell. On the second drive of New York’s second half, Jones took a design run from 80-yards all the way to the Philadelphia eight-yard line. Just by describing it this way, you would think it would shed light on Jones’ career. not so fast.

At about the 30-yard line, Jones began to stumble from somewhere and eventually isolated himself. What would have been a 90-yard touchdown run. Look, look again, and give yourself a good chuckle.


Luckily for the Giants, they eventually hit the final zone as Wayne Gallman made his way inside, so there was really no harm or dishonesty for Jones tripping himself up.

When we all have a good laugh here at Jones’ expense, it should be reported that he was above 21.23 mph during that run. This is the fastest pace in any quarter since the 2018 season. Yes, faster than Lamar Jackson, Kylar Murray or any other speakers in quarterback positions throughout the league. He may not reach the end zone, but he can at least hang his hat at that blazing speed. Next time, he just needs to learn to be straight.

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