Daniel Abt to be Suspended by Audi Formula E, After Cheating in the Esports Charity Race | Bleacher Report

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The Audi Formula E, the team has suspended driver Daniel Abt for cheating during a esports of the charity race over the weekend.

Audi announced Abt the punishment in an official statement on Tuesday, through ESPN.com: “Daniel Abt will not drive your car in qualifying and in the race in the fifth event of the Race in the House Challenge on May 23 itself, but to let a professional sim racer to do so. He directly apologized for this in the next day and accepted the challenge.”

By Alan Baldwin Reuters, Abt professional gamer Lorenz Hoerzing as your ringer during the Sunday Race in the House Challenge event.

“I don’t take it as seriously as it should,” Abt said in a statement, via Reuters. “I’m especially sad about this, because I know how much work has been invested in this project on the part of the Formula And of the organization. I am aware that my offence has a bitter aftertaste, but it was never with any bad intentions.”

Fellow driver Jean-Eric Vergne raised suspicions during the race.

“Please ask Daniel Abt to put your Zoom next time you are driving. … I’m pretty sure that he was not,” Vergne said, via CBS Sports’ Chris Bengel.

Abt was also ordered to pay €10,000 as part of his punishment. The 27-year-old finished third in the standings and came in second place during the race. He has been racing Audi of the Formula E team from the season 2016-17.

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