Dani forced to bring blood on her hands – Big Brother Network

The committee’s coalition has controlled the entire season of Big Brother 22. They have won each of the heads of the house, and this week was no different. This week it was. Dani who took over the house because Cody wants to make sure he gets his hands dirty.

The Sunday night episode was initiated by the head of the domestic competition. But first, we have to come back to see things after Christmas and Da’Ovan after last week’s big argument. Christmas, of course, asks Da’Vonne if she’s safe if she wins the HOH. Da’Vonne says yes. But that does not mean it.

Back to the competition. Dani tells us that she doesn’t want to win HOH, but she’s staying there until Tyler collapses. He is not sure what he will do if he wins.

Da’Vonne is the first to fall from the wall. But was he meant to fall? I think his diary is based on the room after the fact.

David is the next over, followed by Ian. This means that those two people and Da’Vonne have for weeks. And ever since Havas has been picked up, Memon falls just after Ian. He did not want to be just one.

Enzo is next to drop. And then Kevin. Four left. And all are committee members. But then, she’s four fractures, so Dani and Tyler don’t want each other to win.

And it’s Dani who wins the 1 on 1 fight when Tyler comes in at the 1:16 mark. So it is Dani, Cody and Nicole, who remain. Nicole eventually collapses and before Dani can ask Cody if he wants to, he collapses. She tells us that she wanted Dani to get some blood on her hands.

Dani lets De’Von know that this is going to be a good week, so Da’Von wants to take this chance to keep Tyler on Dani’s radar. But Dani remembers what happened in Big Brother 13 when she changed her alliance very quickly. She says that she does not want to make that mistake again.

Cody tells Danny to plant Kevin and David because they are the only two people they are not dealing with. Dani knows that Kevin isn’t coming after her, and she really likes him, but what else is she going to do … Dani tries to talk to Cody about nominating Tyler, But he gets it right.

Tyler tells Dani that she won’t be mad at him if he hooks her up. However, he feels that it is too early. But he keeps telling her that she understands if he does it.

At the nomination ceremony were Kevin and David, who placed Dani in the block. But David reminds us in his DR that he has disruptive power and will use it. This means that Dani may have to nominate four different people this week.