Dani Donato Bryons’ HOH reign has patted the audience for his good opportunities – for now

After being viewed negatively by elder brother Fans for most of the season, Dani Donato Bryons, played a trick that put him in the good performances of many – putting Tyler Crispan on the block. But now that Ian Terry is in the block, this positivity may not last long.

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Dani Donato Briones first season

She was on first as before Big brother 8 And was the runner-up, losing in the closing ceremony to his father, Dick Donato. Dani and Dick were part of the season’s “rivals”. He is one of the most contested winning domestic competitions for a season, leading two domestic competitions and five Power of Veto contests. Despite all this, it was not enough for the jury to vote for him to win the whole shebang.

Dani and Dick returned for both Elder brother 13. Like his first season, he was included once again this time. This season, it was for the “Duo” twist. When Dick had to leave the competition due to a medical emergency, Dani received an old key that allowed him to stay until the last ten. Dani first aligned with the returning players but then with Kalia Booker and Porsche Briggs. He was sidelined during the first double expulsion of the season. During season 13, she was the first member of the jury.

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Why his popularity with fans during ‘Big Brother 22’ shook his nose

Bryan’s first season without playing against his father has been a mixed bag. Instead of trusting with other “old school” players, she decided to collaborate with new players who have done well in modern sports, such as Tyler Crispen and Nicole Frenzel. Danny’s popularity began to sow when she wasn’t really there when she began acting on behalf of Da’Von Rogers and Bayle Dayton. He was a major influence when he was in both blocks, which resulted in Dayton being kicked out.

Conducted by a daily survey elder brother fansite, Big Brother Daily, Dani has been consistently seen as one of the least friendly housemates, despite the fact that he came on as a favorite in Season 1. Earlier this month, she finished second in four-day straight voting, below Housegate which had already finished.

In addition, Bryan was also called upon by fans due to microgridation against Dayton and Rogers, as well as his role in making fun of Terry’s autism.

His HOH reign started well, but don’t hold your breath

The Bryons won their first home major of the season last week. She previously nominated David Alexander and Kevin Campbell, but always had it on her mind that she could hook up her colleague Crippson. The two had disagreements about some things and did not feel like Bryons picking them up.

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When Alexander removed himself from the block, Crispain was brought to the stand and the Bryons told him that he was a pawn. However, a chasm in the plan was thrown when Rogers won the veto and planned to take down Campbell. The Bryons no longer wanted Rogers to trust him, so he decided not to convince her to use the veto.

At this point, fans thought Bryan might ultimately be good for his game and play a key role in getting Crispan out. Because of this, she has recently reached 12th position Big brother rose Poll, his highest ranking since August 17.

But the Bryons are now beginning to show that she does not want to go to Crispen and send home a fan-favorite, Terry, whom she nominated after Da’Vonne landed Campbell.

If the Bryons go through their campaign to keep Crispane instead of going along with their original plan, she may start to trend downward with a re-look.