Dangerously thin big weeks are recorded on fielders

The Phillies are starting their season at a critical threshold with a profound lack of outfielders.

Roman Quinn (concussion) and Jay Bruce (stressed quadriceps) both went on the injury list on Sunday, leaving the Phils with just four outfielders on the 28-man roster and just one who qualifies as a pure centerfielder.

That centerfielder, Adam Hasley, did not inspire confidence with a missplay that gave the Phillies a run and set the tone for a sluggish defensive game to take a 14–1 loss to the New York Mets on Sunday.

“I think we can play better,” manager Joe Girardi said of the game and the team’s defense in general. “When we make mistakes, it all seems to be in a single game. Many times, our defense has been really good this season, but there have been games today that really disappoint us.”

For the current outfield situation, Girdhari said it was “a slightly challenging right line. We have to figure out a few things.”

The Phillies play an important game on Monday in New York against Mande, then a doubleheader at home against Boston on Tuesday. On Thursday, they open the only 2020 seven-game series in Miami that includes two double headers. This is not an ideal position to enter with just four healthy outfielders. And, lest we forget, one of them, Andrew McCutchen, needs to deal with some caution after last year’s torn ACL. Girdhari now needs to acquire McKichen or use him as a designated hitter to completely close his legs.

The outfield position is even more challenging as Hasili has to choose center field representatives against right-left and left-handed. He has just three plates this season.

Hasselli, McKichen, Bryce Harper and Kyle Garlick, who were added to the Leh Valley Valley squad on Sunday, are the only healthy outfielder on the 28-man roster. Both utility men Phil Goslin and Neil Walker are infidels for the trade, but they can play the corner outfield if needed. Down on the farm, the Phils have Mickey Mahtook, Mikki Moniec and Nick Martini in the Leh Valley, but none in the 40-man roster.

The Phillies hope Scott Kingery, who can play center field and is due this year, is set to come out of IL on Thursday. By then, Hasili will likely be the boy in center field.

For Quinn, his IL stint needs no more than seven days, if he can get through the concussion protocol. Therefore, the Phils may not have to play short in the outfield for long. However, he has to find a time for the next few days when every win and loss can turn into a season.